Travel South Yorkshire Fun Print Design

Moirae was approached by the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) to create a multimedia marketing campaign to promote their new 16-18 Travel Pass. The pass entitles 16-18 years olds to concessionary travel on public transport across South Yorkshire. Naturally, the designs for this project should be geared towards an audience with the age brack indicated.

However, what was of interest was that Moirae conducted research to suggest that 16-18 year-olds are often targeted with branding or marketing that underestimates their maturity, and thus, uses childlike illustrations. With that in mind, they set about creating an effective campaign consisting of designs that would maximize the uptake of the new travel pass.

Travel South Yorkshire Great Print Design

Taking into consideration how this age group communicates, the campaign was fronted with the use of emojis, even in an offline capacity. The aim of this was to immediately resonate with the younger generation, using a particular combination of emojis for each message.

A series of bright, clean visual materials were created which showcased the travel pass across South Yorkshire, including posters, leaflets, web banners, and animations.

The color palette used in the campaign primarily focused on the power of two shades of blue; dark navy/midnight blue, and a lighter blue. The light blue is used in the background in most of the print designs, and it nicely stands out from grays, whites, and blacks which generally surround it, particularly on public transport. It’s also a color that resonates more with a younger person, and it effectively accentuates the darker blue text.

Travel South Yorkshire Print Design

The typography is simple and clear - much like a modern web font that you would see used on your smartphone or computer. Again, this is unsurprising as it obviously resonates with the 16 to 18-year-olds who the designs are targeted towards.

Overall, it’s a very effective campaign, which not only catches the eye of the desired audience but achieves something that many designs fail to do, which is engaged with the viewer - you almost feel compelled to figure out what the emoji message is saying.

Travel South Yorkshire is a top print design in the Travel industry.