Adobe Marketing Cloud - Overview

From the beginning of the Internet, websites have been keeping track of data, such as site visits and purchases, which paved the way for Adobe to develop the Marketing Cloud. Online shopping has completely disrupted the way customers interact with stores, and the Marketing Cloud is just as groundbreaking.

The video is all about measuring data to inform how online marketers reach their customers. The opening shot is of a customer on an iPad, browsing an online clothing store and navigating to different landing pages. A male narrator walks the viewer through the features of Adobe Marketing Cloud to an electronic background music.

To the side of the iPad, an animated digital counter slides out, acting like a screen only the viewer is privy to. The simple counter evolves into a whole array of data, matching the size of the iPad screen next to it, with graphs, charts, and maps that shift and move around as if thousands of different users are interacting with the site at once. The screen also interacts with the movements of the customer’s choices on the screen. As the customer scrolls, the data screen scrolls as well, matching the movement. All the while, the number on the digital counter grows.

The digital screen then transitions to a display of specific information. The display is decorated with circles, rectangles, and squares, which grow and shrink rapidly around the shifting information. Each set of data is characterized by an applicable image underneath—a map for location, a percentage for number of sales per visitor, a male profile for gender.  

Numbers are a big theme in the video, and measurement of data is shown through the liberal use of numbers on the screen. The digital counter from the beginning recurs throughout the video to show consistent growth, sales, and site visits. The video ends with the Adobe Marketing Cloud logo against a white background.

Entrepreneurs and site owners interested in marketing their brand online will be drawn to the appeal of the Adobe Marketing Cloud and what it can offer their business.

Adobe Marketing Cloud - Overview is a creative animation and commercial video.