Product launch

Standout features:

  • Great contrast of textures
  • Accurate cross-section of products
  • Vivid color story

Product launches are very challenging because you sell your product to the world for the first time without seeing how they work or what it can do in the first place. That’s why companies rely a lot on animated videos like this from Dr-VFX to explain their products the best.

The video showed different products from their various clients. Still, the texture contrasts provided an unexpected visual experience to the viewers. The roughness of the exploding rocks to the smoothness of the liquid foundation has worked amazingly.

The cross-section of the headphones was also perfectly exhibited, allowing you to easily see each part, even the most miniature screws and wires inside the headphones. As a company, you need someone who can do cross-sections excellently; this is your example.

Lastly, even though the products came from different categories, the overall color story is soothing and relaxing to the eyes.

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