Adobe Workday is a program designed to help manage the flow of a workforce. This beautifully animated video takes the theme of flow and gives the viewer a pleasant experience that leads to a desire to discover more about what the program can do to help their time management.

The opening scene is set on a light blue, chalkboard-like canvas. White smudges in the background shift around during the entirety of the video to provide ambient movement. A square, yellow clipboard is the center screen and features a to-do list, the tasks of which shrink as the list goes down, providing a never-ending effect to how many tasks HR managers deal with. The clipboard then flips over to reveal a maze on the back with a red ball inside—this ball will be the main focus of the video, and provides the essence of the flow effect as it moves from one animated design to the next.

A young male voice narrates the video, and light music provides a pleasing background. The use of shadows in the video is clever in this 2D animation. Light filters in from the top left of the screen, sending shadows cascading from the objects to the bottom right.

The red ball falls from the bottom of the maze and into an upside-down arch. The word “workday” in all lowercase letters and a round, sans serif font appears below the arch, and the archway flips over, dumping the red ball onto the letters and forming the Adobe Workday logo.

White drawings appear on the blue chalkboard background as the red ball moves from animation to animation, each set of drawings appropriate to the simultaneous animation, such as a desk and office decor surrounding an animated desktop computer, or a park and city scape around a cellphone.

The golden archway from the Workday logo is used heavily near the end of the video, finally ending with the appearance of the logo itself, and a transition to the Adobe logo on a white background to end the clip.

The red ball moving throughout the video has a powerful effect,giving the appearance of movement and accomplishment, which is exactly what the program promises to help its users with.

Adobe Workday is a colorful animation video.