Aldi Christmas Advert ft. Kevin The Carrot 2017

A staple of the holiday season is building a snowman. We give the snowman eyes, a smile, buttons, sticks for arms, and a carrot for a nose.

Aldi’s 2017 Christmas Advert follows the tale of a Snowman’s carrot nose awakening to a mysterious sound. The cute carrot is known as Kevin the Carrot.

Kevin views a shadow through the light of the window in the shape of Santa. He is intrigued. Santa turns out to be a chef in a white coat and hat, delivering a mouthwatering turkey next to a magical Christmas dinner spread.

The Christmas poem captures Kevin’s expression of “Wow!” as we hear “It was love at first sight.”  The scene then shows a girl carrot reading a book called “9 ½ Leeks”  on a mountain of cupcakes. Then, the unthinkable: bumps on the train cause a commotion as a spoon launches pea projectiles towards the carrot of Kevin’s dreams.

He takes action. Diving in front of the pea he saves his princess carrot. She holds Kevin in her arms as he wakes.

“Are you okay?” she asks.

“I think I just peed myself”, comments Kevin.  She laughs and kisses Kevin on the cheek.

In the background the train takes flight as Santa begins the journey to deliver his presents. Kevin and his carrot queen embrace eachother at the front of the train, unaware that Santa is driving the train.

The scene asks if they will ever find Santa. The Aldi logo appears with their “Everyday Amazing” slogan and a social media campaign below that reads #KevinAndKatie.

Delicious festive food, adventure, and meeting someone special make Aldi’s 2017 Christmas Advert one to remember.

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