DTM Video Design Is A High-Octane Feast Of Racing Sounds And Imagery

DTM Video Design Announces The Legendary Race In A Spectacular Fashion

DTM is one of Europe’s most popular GT racing series. For its new season and to announce the race at the legendary Monza circuit in Italy, UnitedSenses branding agency has created a short but memorable promotional video.

DTM video design clocks at only 20 seconds. It features a dynamic, heavily edited sequence of cars racing from multiple viewing points. Visual “noisy” elements like floating dots, squiggly, translucent lines and others complement the fast-paced nature of the sport featured in the video.

The video begins with a closeup of the track’s curbs, the ground vibrating from the roar of the oncoming cars. A rolling “thunder” is announced in the form of sound effects before a group of cars comes fast at the viewer, kickstarting loud and dramatic music.

Footage from the track, above and sideways to the cars, as well as from the cockpit, all change fast as the race and sound intensity rise. Once the cars go over the finish line the word “DTM” appears all over the screen, followed by “Monza.” At this point, the sounds have died down and the muted roar past its culmination.

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DTM Video Successfully Uses A Two-Tone Palette And Makes It Memorable

Similar to how branding professionals maintain visual consistency, the entire DTM video design adheres to a color palette that reflects the brand’s identity. It only uses dark/navy blue and a greenish, yellow shade. These hues are consistent with the brand colors reflected in logos, websites, and other marketing materials.

This color combo is unique, generally underused in branding and – as a result – quite memorable. The electric shade of yellow evokes thoughts of dynamism, pace and speed — fitting for a racing series. Navy blue contrasts it very well, forming a color combination that is frequent on racing cars’ livery.

In the video itself, the lime-yellow is used to accentuate the shadows and other details on drivers, the cars’ interior, as well as track curbs and curved lines above the track that signify the cars’ direction. The occasional and minimal messaging in the video also predominantly uses this color.

DTM’s Rapid-Fire Frames And Change Of Perspective Add To The Video’s Intensity

Despite the video’s short duration and speedy nature, the viewer may be under the impression that the promo is longer than it actually is. This is because a lot is going on in such a small amount of time, with the frames and points of view shifting quickly.

Different perspectives, including the on-track POV, broadcast camera POV and aerial POV, keep changing in a random and dynamic order. This builds up the excitement for the video’s finale.

The animation and editing work emphasize the thrill and uncertainty of DTM races. The anticipation of a legendary race at Monza is another element that adds to the drama and thrill of the DTM video design.

DTM Video Exhibits Sound Design And Simple Messaging That Enable Audiences To “Feel The Roar”

The soundtrack to the DTM video consists of edgy, dramatic and loud effects and cinematic, action movie-live music. This is exactly how video production experts use music to enhance the viewer's experience and evoke emotions. 

A pulsating roar of thunder opens the video before kicking into a rhythmic beat atop of soundscapes akin to the genre of industrial music. The sound intensifies, creating a cacophony of symphonic electronic and organic sounds. Cars’ roar and an ambient “swoosh” close the video.

While the sound/music background attracts the viewers, the copy retains it and delivers the message. The DTM Championship’s slogan appears throughout the video. The word “feel” shows as an on-track inscription, while “the roar” shows seconds later.

The lettering uses slanted, bold, sans-serif fonts that replicate the dynamism of the cars in the video. The colors are either lime-yellow with a navy-blue outline or vice versa.

DTM Video Design Captures The Imagination And Interest Of Racing Enthusiasts

DTM video design by United Senses contains all the necessary ingredients for speaking to the correct target audience. It is fast, loud, exciting, cool and on-brand. Everything you can expect from a racing promotional video and more.

In a mere 20 seconds, it condenses the unpredictability, titillation and even the danger of professional car racing. The messaging is minimal because it is universally understood – the racing cars do all the talking and the name of Monza race track is as iconic as any in this sport.

The unique characteristic of the video is that it combines the actual footage filtered through an animation endowed with DTM’s brand colors. Large, bold texts racing through the screen with exhilarating effects showcase how motion graphics experts can masterfully create action-packed visuals. 

This dynamic representation of the most-anticipated racing event and the entire sport, in general, deserves to win our Best Design Award on the merits of its relentless creativity.

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