ANCESTRY.COM is a website that helps users keep track of their family tree. The purpose is to discover where you come from, who your ancestors were, and what your heritage is. With the introduction of Ancestry DNA, the discovery of where your roots are, has never been easier.

The video opens with the vice president of in a one-sided interview with a bright white background. A strong, sans serif font introduces him in a slide animation. Light, airy music plays behind his introduction to the video.

The screen goes white, and a pedigree chart begins to form at a three dimensional angle, giving the audience a wide view of how far it goes back. Images accompany the names, and go from modern color to aged black and white. These images give way to a block of new images, which lay overtop a map of the world. Zooming out, we see this as the front design of a pamphlet for the DNA service kit.

The pamphlet opens, and the world map from the front grows bigger. Trees made of simple, colored lines grow from the map—images and document icons pop up all around the trees, depicting the wealth of information stored in the simple DNA kit.

The screen transforms to the website, depicting results just submitted from a DNA kit. With the DNA card in the foreground (which is covered in small dots that look like Braille), the background has similar looking dots scrolling down the screen like a data field. The results show pinpoints on a map, where the subject’s ancestry stems from.  

To wrap up the video, the world map returns with the simple colored trees. All of the images and information is folded up into the DNA pamphlet, which then fades to simply show the logo in the middle of the white screen.

Anyone can find out where their family is from, or what their ethnicity is, just by taking a simple DNA test from For those who have wondered all their lives, they no longer need a plethora of information to discover it.

Ancestry is an awesome animation and commercial video.