The Invasion! Video Uses VR Technology To Tell An Energetic And Exciting Story Of Triumph

A Compelling Story Keeps Viewers Engaged

With virtual reality beginning to grow in popularity, more and more video creators are trying to incorporate the experience into their own content.

The same goes for this immersive VR video called Invasion! created by design agency Baobab Studios.

This video is best enjoyed in VR but the immersion can still be appreciated in a regular, old browser window.

Invasion! tells a very familiar story. It’s about an alien invasion — and the only ones around to stop it are a group of bouncing bunnies. It’s inspired by the film War Of The Worlds but infuses more of a comedic element that keeps you engaged and helps propel the story forward.

The animation is fun but still somewhat realistic enough so as to not break immersion too much. The camera from which we watch the video is a fixed point so there are no changing angles in any shots during the video. An adorable bunny hops toward us and sniffs right in front of the camera.

This establishes us as a physical being inside the animated world. We are not a fly on the wall watching the story unfold. Rather, we are an active participant.

Suddenly a massive spaceship flies overhead and stops to hover in front of us. Our bunny friend is clearly startled; you can see it in their eyes. The perspective we have of the spaceship makes it feel daunting and threatening. The bunny hops behind us, as if to hide. Again, this helps to build immersion. Finally, a bright light shines on us!

The rapid building of intensity from introducing a rabbit to being abducted by aliens makes this video exciting from the first moment to the very last.

This subtle, voiceless storytelling keeps users engaged right from the start. It gets you interested and focuses your attention.

And it’s a great tactic that other brands and businesses can begin utilizing when it comes to their own video designs. Stories are compelling — they engage on an emotional level that encourages interactivity and a positive mindset.

This story grabs hold of your attention and doesn’t let go because the story is one you want to hear.

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Innovative VR Use Immerses Viewers Into This Video Experience

This Invasion! video also stands out because of its use of virtual reality technology. In this version, you don’t see it at its full potential. But when using a VR platform, these animations really jump into your view and make an impact.

The VR point of view and the techniques used to establish presence in the animated world are very clever and very effective at making this one of the most immersive videos you have ever seen.

Bunnies run around you, coming in and out of view but you feel their presence all around you. Similarly, the world around you takes up your entire view, really immersing you into the setting of the outdoor space.

It’s quiet, peaceful and engaging. And when the disturbance occurs — with the spaceship coming into view and making its landing, the shift in the air is tangible.

You can quite literally feel how the mood shifts — like you’re right there while it’s happening.

That is thanks to this VR technology. This one-angle shot that doesn’t move places you like a silent statue in the middle of it all.

Virtual reality is an emerging technology that is slowly being infused into a number of different designs and mediums. It works to grab attention and create a well-rounded experience. And a seamless, comprehensive experience is vital for consumers.

User experience is what helps a consumer or client decide if your brand is worth investing in.

And this video is just one shining example of its power.

Playful Animations Keep The Mood Light And Heighten The Entertainment Factor

Outside of the storytelling and VR integrations that bring this video to life, there is still a very important element to this design. And that’s the animations themselves — they are so fluid, eye-catching and powerful.

The video opens up to a bright, open and peaceful frozen lake. Bunnies hop and nature thrives in the cold weather. It’s a serene and peaceful place. And the animations are bright, organic and soft — setting this mood and readying you for the story that’s about to unfold.

There’s a crispness to these animations — and the way they interact with you like you’re the foreign entity and they aren’t — is refreshing.

There’s a modern quality to these animations. They don’t look outdated or old-fashioned. They’re new, created with the future in mind.

And that was the perfect choice for a short film about an alien invasion.

These animations create an excitement and an urgency. They set the mood — making for a fun and uplifting story. This is a movie, after all. It’s supposed to be entertaining. And these animations help to promote that feeling.

Not all animations are the same — they all have their own quirks in shape, line and color. And these modern, fresh and bright CGI-esque animations fill you with excitement.

What Is Invasion!?

Invasion! is an immersive, virtual reality video that tells the story of a group of bunnies determined to save the world from an upcoming alien invasion. It was created in response to the movie War Of The Worlds and holds a lot of the same elements and themes throughout.

It was created by Baobab Studios as a way to introduce more people to VR experiences and to show that you could infuse this technology into movies and films.

This short VR film won a Daytime Emmy for “Outstanding Interactive” in 2017. And you can experience it for yourself by downloading the app and utilizing one of a number of virtual reality platforms.

According to the studio:

At Baobab Studios, we believe everyone can enjoy VR, so we made INVASION!. Through quality animation, comedic timing, beautiful art, and compelling stories, we aim to create VR animation that everyone can enjoy – regardless of age, background or personal experience. Eric first had the idea for the bunnies facing off against the aliens after watching the 1953 film, War of the Worlds.  In the film, despite all their incredible weaponry and technology, the invading aliens are ultimately defeated by the Earth\s microbes.  It struck Eric that some of the most unassuming organisms on the planet were the downfall of such "advanced" aliens. InINVASION! Eric took that concept to the humorous extreme by pitting the aliens against two of Earth's meekest creatures -- fluffy little bunnies.  Combining the concept of these heroic bunnies with the slapstick Laurel and Hardy antics of the two aliens, INVASION! highlights the bumbling nature of invaders who fail to account for the least among us when drawing up their attack plans.

This video design is a stunning display of what just a little bit of ingenuity and innovation can do when matched with unparalleled creativity and playfulness.

These bunnies take on these bumbling aliens in such a comedic way — and you feel immersed into the experience immediately, watching these instances play out like you’re sitting on the sidelines.

This use of VR is a great way to get viewers engaged and can be transferred to other types of video content as well — content that can give you business the edge it needs.

How Fusing Emerging Tech With Existing Techniques Makes For A Successful Video Design

This short film is an excellent display of storytelling, virtual reality technology and compelling animation.

Invasion! Tells the story of a small community of bunnies. Everything is going according to plan when the spaceship land and a bunch of bumbling aliens try to take over the world. They are stopped, however by these fluffy balls of bubbly spirit. The bunnies end up saving the day in a hilarious journey of determination and heroism.

The story itself is familiar and powerful. And it appeals to the emotions of the viewer.

But the virtual reality integration is equally powerful. It’s bold and energetic and really immerses users into the experience. This helps them develop a positive perception of the content and all it's trying to convey, making it easier for the themes of this video to hit home.

And the animations are no joke either. They are clever, crisp and modern. They capture a fighting spirit and really set an energetic and entertaining mood.

All of these elements combine to make a powerful video that makes a visceral impact. It hits home — which is exactly what it was made to do.

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