Asda ‘Best. Christmas. Ever.’

Asda is a British supermarket retailer that offers online food & grocery, fashion, and home & garden shopping services. Its 2017 Christmas advert features the “Asda Christmas Imaginarium” to allow viewers to discover the magic behind everything they create. It stars a little girl with an older man, presumably her grandfather.

As the little girl and the older man walk on the street, they encounter a large gate behind which stands an enormous palatial structure. They enter it, and immediately the vibe is magical and mystical, yet creative. The girl and the older man sneak inside the building, and discover all kinds of amazing things being created: candy, appetizers, gin, and truffles. All these things are evocative of the holidays, and moreover, they are shown being made by larger-than-life, mythical equipment, adding a fun element to the advert and making it unique. The girl and the older man are finally caught by the gatekeeper of the building, who escorts them out in an elevator, from where viewers are given a bird’s eye view of the Asda Christmas Imaginarium.

The colors used in the video are mainly green and red, symbolising Christmas and the holiday season. The clarity of the visuals used is crystal clear, and the supporting actors, like the elves making the food, the lady making truffles, and the stern gatekeeper, all combine to tell an engaging story. The background score is in keeping with the theme of the advert, and resonates with the viewer. The video length of 1 minute makes for a snappy and catchy viewing experience, that is compelling and well-written.

Overall, the Asda Christmas Advert does a great job of telling the brand story while also engaging the viewer. The writing is crisp and concise, and the story is told without a single dialogue in the entire video. It is unique, innovative, and effective.