Audi Holiday Campaign: “Parking Lot”

Audi USA’s 2017 holiday advert uses comedy and satire about the holiday season to engage the audience in its new clip. The video is about a trip to the mall in search of a gift. Two Audi Sport drivers let the spirit of the season take the wheel for a ride to remember.

The advert opens with a lackadaisical Santa Claus shaking a Christmas bell, as two Audi drivers enter the mall parking lot. The parking lot only has one available parking slot, and the two drivers, who earlier politely nodded at each other, now engage in a hilarious race to find that one parking spot. What results is a funny, satirical, yet compelling video depicting the race between the two Audis. The Audis are advertised magnificently as they navigate the parking lot, showing the smooth drive and quick brakes, gorgeous exteriors, as well as interior finishes and features. Both the drivers also hilariously enact their frustration through their expressions, making for a very compelling watch. After failing to find a single available spot, they take the race outdoors. The video tunes out and viewers next see both the drivers bumping into each other with their shopping carts at a store, making a beeline for the only gift remaining at the store.

The video is engaging, hilarious, and tells a great story, without a single dialogue being uttered. The writing is crisp and clear, to the point, and well edited. The background score is excellent, with the rhythm and beats matching the motion of the action taking place on film. The video also detracts from the usual holiday adverts that play on the emotions of the audience, instead choosing to represent a very realistic part of the holiday season. This makes for a unique and memorable viewing experience, while also maintaining the Audi brand identity.