Best of Web 5 - HD - Zapatou

Humans and animals are amazing creatures that often defy the odds to become extraordinary. Zapatou’s best of 5 video is a visual listicle of the top videos on the internet, showing the amazing talents of both humans and animals. The video forces viewers to grapple with human emotion, drawing them into the content.

Each frame moves in time to the track Hold On by the techno-group, Nervo. The song is fast, upbeat, and lasts through the length of the video. One thing that’s great about this musical choice is that it doesn’t leave room for narration. Zapatou uses the song’s cutthroat beats and repetitive hook to narrate the video, keeping up with the sense of time and movement.  Most frames don’t last longer than one to two seconds, which keeps up with the pace of the track.

Each frame has various perspectives to capture the subject. The images are vivid, bright, and welcoming. This application is important to the visual transition because of how fast the frames change. Perspective and dynamic range of motion shifts throughout the video, however, the fixed lateral movements that coincide with the soundtrack pulls everything together.

What makes best of 5 an award-winning video is the ability to capture the spirit of the subjects for such a short time. It offers encouragement, evokes emotion, and plays on the interconnection between people and all living things. Breathtaking views, amazing stunts, and naturalism moved through the video and spoke to the audience. Although the video expresses the need for quality, it doesn’t put it above the context.