Nest's Video Informs Users About Home Automation With A Fluid Mix Of Animations And Real Products

Nest's Video Combines Real-Life Imagery With Animations To Highlight Its Robust Product Offering

Nest Labs is an organization that creates home automation products and programs that tie all of your smart technologies together. They are famous for their smart thermostat but have rolled out a number of exciting products in addition to this including security cameras, lighting systems and more.

But to bring all of these technologies and similar smart technologies together, the brand created a program called Works With Nest. This cutting-edge tech allows consumers to connect all of their smart technology, from their Google Home to their Nest Learning Thermostat to their smart light bulbs all in one interface to work together succinctly and efficiently.

And to give users insights into how this technical and innately complex technology works, they created an informative and engaging motion graphics video to promote its products and simplify its services. Seasoned video producers understand the power of animated visuals in capturing attention, conveying information, and creating an engaging experience.

This video is made up of dazzling animations, but there is a cleverness in the brand’s ability to fuse together these cartoon images with its real-life product shots that both gives users insights into what these products look like and what they can do while still keeping the video light and conceptual as a whole.

This video uses creative and cool animations to showcase the Nest offering and all the ways this program and these products can simplify life. But the way they use actual product imagery is unlike most other explainer videos. Most people will use cartoons and illustrations to show their products, but there’s a professionalism and an excellence here with the way Nest uses real images.

It gives the video and the brand overall an edge that propels it leagues ahead of the competition.

The Video Uses Smooth Motion Graphics To Walk Consumers Through The Process Of Home Automation

The main design element of this video is the smooth and flowing motion graphics that paint a clear picture of the brand and what it has to offer consumers.

Motion graphics are a classic design element many brands implement into their branded video content. That’s because they add a professionalism, a sophistication and an excellence to the brand. They give the brand more weight and more expertise in the eyes of the consumer.

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This top-notch quality is seen in this Nest video thanks to the fluidity and smooth transitions that lead users on a journey. These motions graphics tell the story of the Nest brand and what its products are capable of.

These animations show these products in action — literally. A mix of illustrations and product imagery show consumers how this smart technology connects these devices and keep your home protected— running at peak efficiency.

These motion graphics also make it quite clear what home automation is. This is a new concept and an innovative technology that not many people are familiar with.

Smart technology and the IoT are blossoming. But that doesn’t mean everyone can keep up. And these clever animations simplify the process and break down the concept of home automation in a way that’s easy to digest and fun to absorb.

Motion graphics add a simplicity and an elegance. And they make people more willing to sit down and watch instead of clicking away.

These types of videos are innately more engaging than a video that is created using real people. They're more fun. They're more creative. They're innately easier to watch and understand. And that’s important when it comes to comprehensive and intense technologies such as this one.

Consumers don’t want to work to understand a brand and its products. Otherwise, they’ll turn to a brand that will do the heavy lifting. But when motion graphics specialists work their magic and simplify the viewing experience, everything becomes slightly more approachable and clean.

And the beauty of these animations is that they are easily transferable. And Nest has taken advantage of that, infusing these images into its website to create a cohesive brand identity that is consistent from its video to its website and beyond.

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A Pastel Color Palette Adds A Tranquil Vibe To The Video & The Brand

Another aspect of the video design that is not only consistent with branding overall but is soothing and captivating is the choice of colors used.

For such a dynamic technology, you’d almost expect to see vibrant, bright and bold colors here to create more urgency and enthusiasm. But Nest went with a soothing and peaceful pastel color palette to heighten the ease-of-use and overall tranquility of the journey from setup to complete home automation.

Branding experts understand the power of color psychology and its impact on the user experience. In this case, the pastel colors evoke a sense of calmness, reliability and trust, aligning with the brand's values and positioning.

The background, as well as the characters, scenes and illustrations that dance against them, are all created in a very calming and subdued palette of pinks, purples, blues and greens. It’s mesmerizing and hard to resist. And it makes for a pleasing design that you don’t mind watching from beginning to end.

Even though this video is two minutes long, this color palette almost lulls you along like you’re floating on a cloud watching it all.

Of course, there is still a dynamic element here that creates a need to buy. But that need is built slowly and powerfully with the help of a clean and crisp color palette that lets the graphics do all the talking.

What Is Nest?

Nest is an American producer and distributor or home automation tools and services. These smart programmable devices include thermostats, security cameras, smoke detectors and more. Its first product was the Nest Learning Thermostat which was released in 2011.

The company itself was founded in 2010 by former Apple engineers Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers.

The brand was quick to roll out its innovative products, and by 2014 had gained nationwide attention. Google acquired Nest later that year, but today, the company operates independently from Google’s other business operation.

Nest is a brand with stunning and sophisticated products built to make people safe, comfortable and at ease in their own homes. These products reduce worries and promote efficiency thanks to their self-learning nature and comprehensive digital backbone.

This is the Nest mission statement:

Home. It’s more than just four walls and a roof over your head. It’s where you feel safest and most comfortable. But what if your home knew you as well as you know it? What if it could recognize you, and anticipate your needs?Or even better, what if it took care of the things you forget. Turned down the heat. Turned off the lights. Locked the door. What if your home became – in small ways, then big ones – an extension of you? These aren’t just daydreams or someday’s. It’s what we’re passionately building at Nest, every day. Our mission is to create a home that takes care of the people inside it and the world around it. Because really if you think about it, the world is just one big neighborhood.

This video design specifically promotes the Works With Nest program — a system that connects all of your smart devices from one place, and one that works with products outside of Nest’s own product range.

This includes Google smart devices, fitness trackers, smart light bulbs and more.

The Nest brand is truly far-reaching and all-encompassing. It wants to make life simpler and easier. And the smooth, fluid quality of this video design promotes that spirit ten-fold.

The Nest Products Are Beautifully Displayed In This Comprehensive Video Design

This creative video informs users about the power of Nest’s extensive product offering and all the smart devices that the Works With Nest program is compatible with.

In the two minutes that these animations play across the screen, you’re filled with tangible knowledge and actionable insights that create a sense of ease that makes absorbing these concepts more relaxing. But there’s also a sense of urgency established because the information you’re hearing and seeing play out is so compelling.

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This video uses playful motion graphics to condense the complex and technical program. Images slide in, fade out and morph in front of your eyes in a sophisticated and serene way that gives the brand a professional edge.

Similarly, Nest did a great job not only in simplifying their programs and highlighting the key points but infusing their own product images into this otherwise cartoon-ish and animated film. It brings a level of realness to the scene and gives consumers a look into the products that work with the program and how they can integrate it into their own day-to-day lives.

These animations are also used consistently across the Nest site so it brings a level of excellence to the brand and its products that are subtle but effective.

Pastel colors soothe viewers while the story unfolds. This home is brought to life with the help of these products. Lights are turned on when it starts to get dark, doors are unlocked as you near the building and unwanted guests are scared away thanks to these cutting-edge devices.

This video really excites and soothes all at the same time. And it compels people to the Nest website to make a purchase of their own.

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