Standout Features:

  • Features a main character
  • Injects real-life circumstances
  • Dynamic visual transitions

With several award-winning 2D and 3D animations in its wheelhouse, it’s no surprise that Stormy Studio created one of the most effective explainers on the market.

The video in question is the feature-packed 2D presentation for CardYard, a UK-based e-commerce platform.

Clocking in at roughly two minutes, there’s ample time to elaborate on how users can take advantage of the service while also introducing the company’s key services.

The sequence starts with a real-life dilemma wherein 44% of adults in the UK have unrequited gift cards. Enter CardYard’s immediate solution, which is to let users exchange their unwanted gift cards for a good amount on the company’s website – what a way to solve a problem from the get-go!

The succeeding scenes unravel a step-by-step guide to how users can go about the said process. For a smooth flow, they used a variety of transitions and sprinkled them with dynamic shapes and illustrations.

The entire explainer also focuses on the main character, which is a relatable element that hooks the viewer in and makes them connect with the scenes.

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