Hoya Lens Poland Video Design Uses 2D Animation And A Compelling Story To Educate Viewers On Preserving Eyesight

Hoya Video Communicates The Universally Familiar Daily Routine And How It Affects Our Eyes

Hoya Lens Poland is a Polish company specializing in protecting people’s eyesight. They supply eye care professionals with high-quality lenses and glasses, integrated systems and services.

The video design for their Blue Control glasses is made by K&C Animation Studio, a video production agency from Warsaw.

The one minute and 49 seconds long educational product video uses the agency’s signature 2D animation technique. The cartoon-y characters and colorful settings explain the benefits of using Hoya Blue Control in battling eye strain that modern people are exposed to.

The storyline is very relatable to anyone accustomed to the modern lifestyle that involves lots of screentime. It follows the daily routine of a man “going through the motions” - working in front of a computer, spending time with his family in front of a TV, looking at his smartphone during his free time and before sleep.

As our eyes are under constant strain, this inevitably takes its toll on our vision, but can also result in headaches, irritability, anxiety and insomnia.

The technology used in the creation of Hoya Blue Control glasses and lenses helps alleviate these issues and its benefits are the highlight of the video.

Intricate Details And Colors Make Hoya Lens Poland Video Fun To Watch

2D character animation and 3D motion design are K&C Animation Studio’s trademarks.

From the beginning, the viewer is drawn into the vibrant world of the main protagonist experiencing all the facets of living, from walking in a park to working tirelessly in front of a computer.

The story is accompanied with vector-like illustrations in vivid colors. The camera pans to the right as each scene transitions into another, seamlessly and without any cuts or interruptions.

Because of this non-disruptive way different frames flow into each other, this edutainment video has a very linear story, despite the inclusion of pie charts and graphs explaining how glasses work and help the protagonist battle failing eyesight.

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Sound & Narration Production Of Hoya Lens Poland Video Puts The Messaging At The Core

Although the video’s narration is in Polish – since the video targets Poland's customers, the visuals are great at explaining the message that you don’t need to speak the language in order to follow.

The animations speak for themselves to the point that one can even watch the video on mute and still understand what it’s about.

But even if you don’t understand the language, it is evident that the narrator’s voice is very high in the mix, that he speaks in simple and clear terms and that the message’s core cannot elude the Polish viewers.

The sound production, often a crucial element that top-notch video producers focus on, is top-notch. It leaves nothing to be desired as it ensures the video's messaging is audible and easily discernible.

Hoya Lens Poland Video Explains Consumers’ Pain Points & Provides Solution To Them

As a piece that mixes promotional purposes with educational intent, the video follows the basic principles of any quality marketing effort: empathize with your audience’s pain points and then offer the solution to them. This principle is something that branding experts also often employ, showcasing the relevance of understanding the audience's needs and motivations in creating impactful campaigns.

During the first third of the video, the video tells a story of a man going about his routine that gradually worsens his eyesight. The second third of the video introduces the solution – Hoya Blue Control – and what it does.

In the final third section, the video talks about the positive results customers may experience and how it will improve their lives.

This is Marketing 101 and a messaging masterclass on behalf of K&C Animation Studio who got the target audience, their pain points and the solution right from the start.

Hoya Lens Poland Video Design Is A Great Showcase Of 2D Animation And Product Education Going Hand In Hand

A topic – or, rather, a real-life problem that is familiar to the majority of us is the essence of Hoya Lens Poland’s product video.

K&C Animation Studio has gone to great lengths to produce a synthesis of accessible, playful animation and product education to address one of our health’s biggest concerns. It shows how motion graphics professionals can leverage creativity and expertise to communicate important health information in an engaging manner.

Hoya Lens Poland video design may last almost two minutes, but it feels much shorter because its fluid storytelling, gradual buildup and relatability completely immerse the viewer. It is a prime example of an edutainment video and a deserving recipient of our Best Designs Award.

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