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Cbeyond is a broadband company based in San Diego, California, with voice, Internet, Mobile, Web Hosting, and Data Security services. They put out this thirty second video to show customers in the area what they purvey.

The opening shot is a blue and yellow parrot, staring at the screen. The word “voice” is next to it, all uppercase and 3D, in a round sans serif font. The parrot is surrounded by green leaves, and the screen is brightly lit. There is no narration, and the background music is a fast, intense jungle-like rhythm.

The camera transitions to a cheetah on a grassy plain, browns and golds dominating this scene. The words “broadband” and “high-speed” are behind the cheetah, the same style as the previous onscreen text.

Next, a meerkat walks around on a dirt mound, and as it leans back while standing on hind legs, the word “mobile” becomes visible. The lighting is, again, bright and the greens make the scene pop.

The camera again transitions, this time up close on an intricate spider web, with a massive black and yellow spider in the middle. The background is faded out, but contains greens and browns and is lit brightly. The words “web hosting” appear next to the spider.

Next, a lion sits in the grass in a similar scene as the previous ones, and the words “data security” hover above it. The play on words for each of these scenes is not lost on the viewer, which provides an added amusement to the commercial.

The screen transitions to black, and blue text comes on center screen, a light blue, thin sans serif font. These words blend together, then swirl around to form the Cbeyond logo—a blue circle with the letter C in the middle, and an arch above it acting as an eyebrow over the blue circle. The brand name is shown to the right of the logo, and a company slogan transitions on screen over a blue banner below it all.

Those in the San Diego area who enjoy interacting with companies who have a good sense of humor will certainly want to look into the services offered by Cbeyond.

Cbeyond Perfect Fit is a great commercial video.