The Exo Energy & Orange Mix Commercial Video Design Excites the Audience With an Exotic Promo

Exo Energy & Orange Mix Commercial's Video Design Draws You In With Unique Storytelling

If you're thirsty for a new way of presenting new flavors of a known brand, you'll love Elysee Brand's video design for Exo Energy & Orange Mix. The short commercial draws inspiration from the packaging design and uses it as a base for an experience that combines exciting visuals, smooth transitions, and a frosty atmosphere.

As the visuals tell an incredible story of two opposite atmospheres, the video features an exciting tune that captivates the viewers. Then, the video ends with a short narration that announces the launched flavors as the two cans stand side by side.

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The Exo Energy & Orange Mix Commercial Video Design Builds Fantastic Contrast

The video opens with three cans, with the vodka energy variant in between two orange-flavored cans. The initial frame features a dark background, contrasting beautifully with the splatter-like effect of the cans' colors. Furthermore, the frosted effect adds a layer of mystery and makes viewers anticipate what's about to come.

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Then, the scene switches to a snowy mountain setting where one variant is seemingly submerged in the ice before a hand pops in and opens the can, with bubbles overflowing. The scene changes again to the other vodka variant floating on the water before switching to a static shot of the can next to a glass and fruit wedges.

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Exo Energy & Orange Mix Commercial Video Flows Seamlessly With Smooth Transitions

As expected from Elysee Brand, one of the best video production companies, the contrasts aren't the only standout components of the video design. A blend of clean transitions also preserves the commercial's seamless flow and boosts its impact.

They are also vital in ensuring that even the steadiest frames retain the fast-paced energy style established by the up-tempo beat.

One example is when a hand opens the can, immediately transitioning to a slow-motion shot of the drink pouring out of the can. From start to finish, the transitions help make switching the tempo and scenes look seamless, segmenting drastically different approaches into a unified whole.

The Exo Energy & Orange Mix Commercial Video Design Highlights the Product With Detailed Close-Ups

Although it has no actual models, this commercial lets the products take the stage and act as models themselves. Whether it's the static shots in the beginning, the contrasting scenes, cool rotations, and close-ups, the inanimate cans appear lively in their role.

Close-up shots highlight product details, like the colorful paint splatters and droplets of water on the can. (Check out some of the best product videos here.)

Overall, this commercial earns the Best Design Award and rightfully sits among our best video designs. It elevated the packaging design, making it a compelling basis for an experience that blends thrilling graphics, seamless transitions, and a chilly mood. And the result? A persuasive video design that communicates drinks are best served cold, and you can be as cool with an Exo Energy in your hand!

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