Cota Travel Insurance 30 TV Commercial

COTA Insurance is an alliance of independent not-for-profit organizations dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and promoting the well-being of individuals over 50 in Australia. The company’s commercial is a quick 30 second video, advertising travel insurance for older Australians.

The video, at 30 seconds, is on the shorter side, but still manages to tell a story and engage the audience. The video opens to a performance hall, where an older man is performing a play to the background sound of live instruments being played.

He dramatically tells his story to the audience, his tone and voice tenor matching the opera-like ambiance of the theatre. He tells the audience that while he was on a trip to Spain, he broke his leg falling from a donkey.

While he recovered in a costly Spanish hospital, his wife ran away with their tour guide. He then says that his pockets are now empty, and it would have been cheaper to die. A narratorial voice then cuts in with the advertisement catchphrase: Less drama, more travel.

The advert uses comedy and humor to engage the audience and enhance their viewing experience. The soundtrack plays up on the comedic element of the clip, matching the script and plot.

The storytelling technique used is incredible, and manages to connect with the audience in just 30 seconds, making it memorable and unique. The writing is also great: clean, crisp, and to-the-point. The ad gets the message across well, and the character of the old man is highly personable, ensuring that the audience can relate to him.

The theme of the little skit, a drama in a theatre, is also completely on-brand with the less-drama message that COTA wants to send across regarding its insurance. In all, the video is funny, compelling, and well executed.

Cota Travel Insurance 30 TV Commercial is a humourous commercial video.

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