EarthLove Trailer Video Design Emphasizes Its Impactful Message With Powerful, Blockbuster-Quality Visuals

EarthLove Trailer Transcends Your Typical Promo Video With Every Passing Second

The greatest challenge with promotional videos is simultaneously one of their core qualities - they’re apparent, obvious, on-point and, more often than not, obnoxious. Somehow, we see them coming from miles away, even when they’re cleverly disguised as short films, only to reveal their true nature in the last couple of seconds that there’s something to buy and/or download (see more amazing product video designs here).

However, there’s “promotion” and there’s promotion!

With their trailer for EarthLove book (which is atypical by itself) Brandefy succeeds where many fail – the purchase of the “product” comes with a complimentary cause. And what powerful packaging that is! With no pretense whatsoever, the EarthLove Trailer video design’s emotional connection hooks you from the very first second.

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Dramatic video is no commercial – it embodies Paul Sochaczewski’s book. Written as a satiric eco-adventure, EarthLove chronicles the history of the global conservation movement and exposes battles pitting ego and greed versus noble intentions. Its video pulls you right in the middle of this strife, effortlessly setting your sights on the subject matter without hitting you on the head with conventional preachiness.

EarthLove Trailer Video Design Is Dead on the Center, Literally!

It’s interesting to see how diametrically opposite media such as book and video could unite to spread the word more efficiently than any live discussion or speech would.

Clocking at just two minutes, the video paints an ominous picture with stunning visuals. Combining them with stirring music, Hollywood-worthy sound design and punchy messaging, EarthLove Trailer does more than your latest James Cameroon epic could ever hope for.

“Will the forces of eco-respect defeat the armies of ego and greed?”

Even passing blurbs such as this one call to mind the famous Star Wars intro scroll and the Rebels’ struggle with the evil Empire.

Key difference? This battle is happening as you’re watching the video, it’s right here and it makes you feel every scar Borneo rainforest endured in the last century.

However, no matter how right on target Brandefy made it out to be, the EarthLove Trailer video design is everything but one note. While subtle, it shares a few sardonic elements with the book it promotes.

The video’s visual appeal is grotesquely emphasized with the literal crosshairs posted on top of our planet’s natural beauty and splendors. Seeing it from the perspective of the shooter, some level of implied guilt is bound to stir up inside viewers. The same goes for storytelling and sound design; the crackling of the fire, gunshots and chainsaw buzz are masterfully and dare we say, harmoniously intertwined with dramatic orchestral music, making apathy highly implausible. It exemplifies how video producers masterfully create visual and auditory experiences that evoke strong emotions and provoke thought.

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EarthLove Trailer Video Design Inspires Action to Promote Its Product 

EarthLove Trailer opens up like a green, political ad or a dramatic documentary, but it doesn’t fully embrace the storytelling that comes with the genre – that aspect is left to the book it promotes.

The strong moral foundation it stands upon is backed by a rather resounding call to action – you're compelled to watch and listen, and not to some begging narration, or a call for help - it’s a demand, a commanding necessity of detrimental facts that turn the audience’s heads. It aligns with the core principle that branding agencies live by – driving action and engagement.

In addition, documentary producers effectively capture the essence of a story by making deliberate artistic choices. Rather than going with dark and gritty, Brandefy’s team opted for beauty on a verge of disappearance to match the book’s lofty themes. That way, the video seems transparent and clear-cut. There’s no need for pathos or sensationalism – the message is powerful enough.

The integration of interesting and thought-provoking imagery may be an old trick, but when used in such an innovative way, cliches become revolutionary (in more ways than one) attention-grabbing vehicles. And they give the brand an edge that can’t be ignored.

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