Hill Harris Video Design Drives Viewers Through A Dynamic Music Video Experience

Hill Harris Video Design Is A Cinematic, High Octane Display Of Single-Shot Scenes

Frame One Media, an Ohio-based, full-service media production house came out guns blazing with the new, energetic music video for the rising rap star Hill Harris.

The company “approaches each project as a unique story, combining the high-quality output of a big studio with the personal care and client engagement”, according to the mission statement on their website.

If “Go” music video is anything to go by, Frame One Media’s mission statement shines through every frame.

Hill Harris video design discharges “nitro” with its intense action shots, single-shot scenes and fast-paced montage that complement the lyrics perfectly.

Clocking at 04:09, the video manages to implement so many features, organically transitioning from scene to scene, that it almost seems like a short feature film condensed into the dynamic music video.

The motivational anthem titled “Go” sees a young rapper going through his “everyday” activities without a break. Rapid, single-shot scenes ramp up the energy and give the illusion of uninterrupted sequences, similar to award-winning movie masterpieces such as “Birdman”, or “1917” that made this technique famous.

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The Song’s Messaging Is An Integral Part Of The Video’s Visual Storytelling

For the visual storytelling to be coherent, there must be a seamless interplay between the music and the footage. Professional video producers often meticulously select footage that complements the music's mood, pace, and narrative. When it comes to Hill Harris’s ”Go”, there’s a clear relationship between lyrics and visuals.

The lyrics are represented by images that amplify their meaning. Besides clever transitions and edits, the tone and the atmosphere of the video follow Hill’s lightning-fast bars with robust motion effects.

Given the nature of the video shoot, the video offers a unique meta-narrative. As Matt Pallotta from Frame One Media puts it:

“We had one day to pull off what should have been a multi-day shoot, at several locations, with dozens of extras and lots of props.”

They turned this potential time limitation hindrance into the best possible outcome, as the video genuinely showcases a day in a life of a hip-hop artist.

Despite the abundance of locations and themes, the music video maintains cohesiveness by sticking to Hill Harris’s in-your-face attitude and a single editing style.

Hill Harris Video Design Amps The Attitude And Intensity In Artist’s Debut Music Video

Playing with the classic hip-hop tropes, the “Go” music video gives a new twist to the classic hip-hop tropes by adding a modern touch and remolding the ‘90s archetypes into the contemporary celebration of an active lifestyle.

The predominantly electronic tune accompanied by Hill Harris’s gritty flow is highlighted with dynamic visual effects that symbolically “wake up” the viewers, inviting them to “Go” and exit the recent lockdown atmosphere.

The opening frames are tranquil, both visually and sound-wise. As the song intensifies, so does the footage depicting a determined protagonist, his crew and the sheer horsepower of revving motorbikes and high-speed cars, ready to seize the day (Carpe diem) and greet the checkered flag.

Much like the actual song, the video production quality pushes the pedal through the metal, adding visual cues and underlining every single verse, much like a lyrics video.

“Go” Music Video’s Editing And Post Production Reveal A Creative Company At The Top Of Its Game

“Always going hard, I go hard at everything I do.”

Frame One Media lives and breathes this sentiment, having the entire crew of experts at its disposal and juggling multiple tasks simultaneously.

The company demonstrates professionalism, passion and attention to detail at every step. This is evident in Hill Harris video design’s production and post-production work.

Unmatched HD picture quality, drone shots, atmospheric contrast changes, vibrant colors and filters, elevate the video to Hollywood blockbuster production level.

Frame One Media highlighted cool cars and motorcycles with sleek aerial shots and close-ups. As a result, the song was prominently featured on the “Top Gear America” show. Certain shots bring to mind some of the most memorable car commercials of the decade.

Hill Harris’s video design pushes the envelope and brings unique expressive energy with a literal understanding of the “Fast And Furious” mood. It also exemplifies how branding experts in the music video scene capture the artist’s style and enhance the expressive energy of their visuals. This is what makes it our pick for the August 2021 Best Video Design award!

Who Is Hill Harris?

Born and raised in Ohio, Hill Harris, aka Chris Harris, started rising from a college party rapper, skyrocketing into an internationally licensed artist.

Hill Harris’ distinctive style merges the “old school” with modern production and dropping rapid, energetic verses.

Poised to take his music beyond the Midwest, and into the ears of genuine music lovers across the globe, Hill Harris combines “classic” with modern, equipped with rapid-fire rhymes and dynamic production.

His latest track “Go” is envisioned as a “rap-rock” motivational anthem that denounces lethargic aura that encompassed not only a music industry during the Covid-19 crisis but the “new normal” as a whole.

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