Everest Funeral Planning & Concierge Service

Everyone dies at some point, and when that time comes, the people left behind have to make some hard decisions: funerals, caskets, flowers, the works. All of that isn’t cheap, but thanks to Everest, funeral planning has never been easier. You just sign up while you’re alive, and everything gets taken care of seamlessly after, well, the end.

The commercial takes a light approach to the morbid topic of death. We start off with Will, who has just died, and he’s in a brightly lit room where his family is mourning his passing. Will is in a brown blazer with a maroon sweater underneath, wearing blue jeans and trendy glasses, suggesting a casual tone yet depicting intelligence. The undertones suggest that if you’re as smart as Will, you’ll sign up for Everest, just like he did.

The music mimics the cinematographic approach, with plucked strings and light piano, keeping the ad progressing in a light tone, even though the topic isn’t a happy one.  The camera rises, and the ceiling of the room becomes the grass outside, making it feel as if we were just underground. The next several shots take us from funeral home to funeral home, depicting wealthy men in suits and displaying flashy caskets, giving a negative vibe.

Fast forward to the Everest service, merely talking to an advisor to help take care of the funeral necessities. The advisor is shown in her home, at her kitchen table, with a clean layout and a few Apple computers in the room. She’s got a cup of coffee, a notebook, and a pen, showing the simplicity of working with her, rather than the negativity of looking for an overpriced casket.

At the end of the commercial, the screen fades to white, and the Everest logo appears — a blue, textured mountain with a strong, modern serif font. Underneath is a subtitle in a modern sans-serif font, to provide a counterbalance to the logo font.

Death and funerals are never fun, but Everest wants to let you know that you have more options than just going to the funeral home and spending thousands of dollars. You have Everest, and while you might not think it’s time to sign up, you never know when you’ll go.

Everest Funeral Planning & Concierge Service is a creative commercial video.