P2 Magic Video Design Uses Hypnotic Geometric Shapes And Lulling Sound To Show The Brand’s Essence

P2 Magic Video Design Demonstrates That Brands Don’t Have To Be Loud To Gain Attention

P2 Content Creators are Sydney-based video creation and digital marketing experts working with retailers worldwide. With a refined creation process, the agency crafts standout video content that ensures client brands never blend in to stay ahead of the competition.

P2’s ethos and mission are contained in their main UVP: with P2, your brand will cut through the cultural clutter and NEVER. NOT. STAND OUT.

The P2 Magic video design is also an advertisement for its unique approach.

Inspired by the notion that it is not always the loudest voice in the room that gets the attention, the agency’s Josh McEvoy and illustrator Joan Manalang created a short animation that taps into the powerful beauty of the whisper.

It is exactly the quality of this quiet voice that drives P2 as a collective to seek the essence of every brand, usually hiding the goods right beneath the surface – just like a whisper. Animated as such, their video is captivating, compelling and ultimately, competitive in its utter magic. 

It exemplifies the incredible creativity of video production companies in bringing brands to life through imaginative storytelling and visual techniques.

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Tranquil Music And Soothing Narration Work In Tandem To Showcase P2’s Credo

"Sometimes the most remarkable voices are those which speak softly. When everyone is shouting – no one gets heard. When the time is right – consider telling your story in a whisper, not a wail."

The video’s sound design is superb as the tender voiceover and calming music flawlessly complement each other. The gentle female narrator is poetic but is easy to understand, thanks to her professional elocution. Also, thanks to sound production, her voice is “pushed up front.”

Of course, the video would not be complete without an equally suitable soundtrack. A slow-pace melody, resembling the works of Sam Hulick, captures the audio feeling of “Odyssey in Space” but never overpowers the narration.

Phenomenal sound design and production give enough space and depth to both parties, so both the spoken part and music manage to stand out on their own while working in perfect unison.

Subdued 2D Animation And Trendy Geometric Style Design Adds Magic To P2’s Video

Being a motion graphics style video, P2 Magic infuses hypnotic charm to the movements of various geometric shapes. Motion design is commonly used as a marketing asset and as P2 Magic video showcases – it is also a powerful visual tool to represent abstract themes.

The animation-narration combo gives off a feeling of multiple subtexts, no matter how complex or simple the topic may be.

Geometric patterns are widely considered to be one of the most visually appealing styles in design. They exude a sense of stability and minimalism while adding boldness, innovation and futurism. That’s why most motion graphics professionals use this artistic approach to enhance visual impact.

The P2 video combines some of the most commonly used shapes to create intricate visuals:

  • The triangle suggests stability, energy and power, but is also associated with forward-thinking and direction.
  • The circle is usually a symbol of harmony, perfection and infinite potential.
  • The hexagon communicates unity and balance and is linked to cooperation (think of a beehive.)

The best thing about this design trend is just how flexible it is. Its subliminal nature reveals the boundless and unrealized capabilities of the brand.

The P2 Magic Video’s Color Palette Is Minimal Yet Creative

Although there’s joy in creating and watching something complex be represented in simple, flat shapes, layered into an abstract composition, it’s nothing if it looks bland and uninteresting. And this video design is far from boring.

From the first opening frames, the video is sleek, simple and straightforward. It achieves this in a modern and minimal way that is geared towards a relatively younger audience.

But the colors are what truly breathe life into P2 Magic video design. They add another layer to the video’s nature, filling it with an on-brand palette consisting of a dark, navy-blue background, dominant lime green with just a couple of instances of red highlights.

Green is a color closely associated with nature, but P2 Magic video design doesn’t draw from nature itself but on the attributes that it shares with the company: high energy, confidence, feeling of liveliness, freshness and creativity.

P2 Magic Video Design Simply Doesn’t “NEVER. NOT. STAND OUT.”

P2 Magic video design is an exercise in minimalism, sound design and brand storytelling.

No matter how short it may be (clocking at just 35 seconds,) its gradual buildup, immersive visual presentations and universal message stay with the viewer long after the video is over.

It is another great example of how branding experts use 2D animation and brand education to engage the viewer. By digging deeper, as the video suggests, you’ll find genuine magic.

This contemplative edutainment video manages to be a compelling promotional campaign without losing authenticity or integrity — no wonder it won the Best Design Award. 

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