Everybody Pees

Studio B Films teamed up with the National Kidney Foundation to create a humorous awareness video about kidney health in which animated characters sing about how everyone pees and how it’s important to keep it healthy down there.

The video is a 2D animation with a simple, casual style that still looks professionally done. Most objects are shaded with a monochromatic scale, and the set backgrounds are all monochromatic as well. The color palette is a mixture of pastels, and while the individual objects and sets are monochromatic, the video itself is full of a range of colors. The purpose of the video is to get across the importance of keeping your kidneys healthy, and as such, most of the characters in the video are anthropomorphized kidneys.

The video is set to a song, where the main lyrics of the chorus are “Everybody pees,” the same as the video’s title. A female voice sings, and a bass guitar accompanies her with other light instruments. During the song verses, the characters are usually something other than kidneys; as soon as the chorus starts, kidney characters come on screen and start singing along with the music.

The kidneys themselves are individually designed—for example, an old, bearded kidney is juxtaposed with a young, punk rock kidney—but most all have the same basic shape, the same eyes, and mouth that all move to the music. Other characters include a cat, a dog, some humans, and a bear.

The video ends with an admonition to get your kidneys checked; it’s as simple visiting everybodypees.org. The end screen is the only place where text is used, and the font is a simple sans serif. The National Kidney Foundation logo is in the bottom left of the screen, a simple logo depicting the organization name with an orange kidney above. The kidney in the logo is also used as the dot in everybodypees.org.

The tune is sure to make viewers laugh and get stuck in their heads, and is a surefire segue to visiting the website.

Everybody Pees is a fun animation video.