Green Name was a multi-tiered marketing campaign from Japanese beer brand, Green Label. Green Label wanted to use the color green as a focal point to engage with individuals both online and offline. Kanji characters used in Japanese names are based on shapes in nature. With over 90% of Japanese people having some form of “green” in their name; Green Label saw an opportunity for a unique connection.

First, they created animations for all of the Kanji characters. For example, a character that represents a tree would sprout into a beautiful green tree. Then, they allowed people to enter their name on the Green Label website in order to see their Green Name come to life. People watched in awe as the characters that make up their name burst into colorful animations.Their video features exciting animations with a focus on the color green which ties the brand and the marketing plan together perfectly. It shows the excitement that Japanese people felt when they were able to see their animated Green Name. Of course, green is the main color choice but other bright colors found in nature like blue, yellow, and red are all used too. The result is a fun, playful video that breaks down our usual expectations for beer brand marketing.

Using one video, Green Label was able to endear themselves to the market, drive viral sharing, and set themselves apart from traditional beer marketing styles.