Indica Labs Pharma Services

Standout features:

  • SaaS-style characters
  • Professional tone
  • Buttery-smooth animation
"Indica Labs provides trusted software and services for laboratories. Indica Labs's Pharma Services allows labs to obtain a deeper analysis of biomarker samples with an expert team, and advanced analysis services, while their Halo Software Suite allows the application of tools to existing biomarker programs."

Now that’s a mouthful. This video by Explainify is a shining example of the point we made earlier regarding the advantages of video compared to text, especially when it comes to explainer videos such as this. It’s concise, pretty, and understandable, even to those uninitiated in the specific field.

While the so-called SaaS style of animation/Illustration is becoming saturated across industries, its popularity is the main hook. No matter what they say, the audience loves to see familiar elements placed in new contexts (just look at the popularity of the superhero genre).

Making legible explainer videos and providing authentic value to the target audience is especially important for the healthcare industry (or MedTech in this case). Deconstructing complex medical science and lingo is not always the easiest thing to do, but it is a necessity if you are to successfully inspire and convey trustworthiness. Indica Labs video does it with flying colors.

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