Yatrim Tavsiyesidir Video Design Uses Childlike Nostalgia To Emphasize The Importance Of Sustainability Investment

Yatirim Tavsiyesidir (Investment Advice) Video Design Uses Wholesome Animation To Deliver Potent Eco-Friendly Message

iGOAİMALATHANE, an Istanbul-based advertisement agency offers integrated advertising and marketing solutions, “working 24/7 to establish a long-term relationship between brands and consumers”.

The agency strives to inspire clients with their creative solutions and this was evidently a driving force when iGOAİMALATHANE tackled Yatirim Tavsiyesidir (Investment Advice) video design for Halk Yatirim (Halk Invest).

Halk Yatırım was established as a leading brokerage house, performing capital market activities such as investment services, venture capital advisory, financial restructuring, streamlining electronic trading services and more.

As a subsidiary of Halkbank, one of the largest public banks in Turkey, Halk Yatırım's core business principles are market-centric, dynamic, innovative and ultimately, customer-oriented.

Halk Yatırım realized that capital investing, in general, has largely become an estranged term.

In order to bring it closer to the general audience, as well as draw attention to climate change, the company and iGOAİMALATHANE created a special animated project for the Halk Yatırım Forest Week.

Planting trees is one of the strongest and safest long-term investments humanity can sow the seeds of.

Yatirim Tavsiyesidir (Investment Advice) video design for investment advice reveals a company that is not primarily focused on monetary gains and market conquest, but on building relationships with customers while letting them know that smart, “green” investment is crucial for future generations.

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Yatrim Tavsiyesidir Video Is Emotional, Earnest And Educational

“Did you know that a single tree can absorb up to 24 kilograms of carbon per year and when it reaches 40 years of age, it can extract 1 ton of carbon from the atmosphere?”

The Yatirim Tavsiyesidir (Investment Advice) video addresses customers directly. It doesn’t start with the benefits of sustainability right from the get-go, but with a deeply personal dialogue.

People like stories, they like to be engaged and to be able to identify with the brand’s messaging which is, by extension, the brand itself.

Putting its viewers in the shoes of a young boy in a dream-like, cartoon-inspired nature, the video asks – What was your first long-term investment?

Halk Yatırım localizes its sustainability messaging, reminding its audience of the time when “you gathered all the school to plant a tree one spring day”.

Since most people view primary school as one of the merriest periods in their life, Yatirim Tavsiyesidir (Investment Advice) video design points out the responsibility of that period. They remind the audience of the ties every single person has with the sapling they planted.

Amid a construction boom and concerns over global warming, Turkey has intensified efforts to preserve and further expand its forests. Between 2007 and 2011, more than 4 billion saplings were planted. In 2017, the Turkish government sent 23 million letters to the public in envelopes containing a seed and a presidential call to plant it.

The Eye-Pleasing Color Palette Appeals To All Generations, Young And Old

Despite the fairly simplistic animation style, the viewer is drawn into the vibrant, colorful world of the main protagonist experiencing all the facets of life. Whether on purpose or not, the video evokes Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree” with a unique twist. As the book’s protagonist continually takes from the tree, without giving anything in return, the boy from the video sprouts a family (tree) from its roots.

Unlike the book, the video’s story is full of vivid colors making it engaging and fun to watch.

Despite the colorful presentation, the video maintains cohesiveness with a peaceful music background that lends perfectly to the Yatrim Tavsiyesidir video design’s storytelling aspect.

The bold color palette makes a mesmerizing and pleasing design infused by storytelling enthusiasm but also subtly conveys a sense of urgency that keeps a viewer watching until the end.

The Tranquil Music Complements The Rich Imagery Of Yatirim Tavsiyesidir's (Investment Advice) Video Design

The video’s music and sounds play a crucial role in its design. The tranquil piano keys develop steadily into a layered lullaby that prevents the video’s key messaging from sounding preachy, which is often the case with corporate-level environment advertising.

Music and the accompanying sound effects create a very particular mood that is optimistic, cautious, ethereal and homey, which is more than fitting for a nature-themed video.

Complementing the video’s imagery, the music and narration highlight that a tree is more than just a tree, but an investment.

This combination of visual and auditory elements showcases the expertise of video production companies in creating visually appealing and immersive content that resonates with the audience.

Yatirim Tavsiyesidir (Investment Advice) Video Design Is A Perfect Example An Edutainment Video Genre

Climate change and its impact on the environment is a real-life problem, familiar to the majority of the global population.

However, when approaching the Halk Yatırım project, iGOAİMALATHANE has gone to great lengths to produce an accessible, playful and educational video to address one of the world’s biggest concerns, without creating unease, or spurring guilt. It shows how branding professionals can effectively tackle sensitive global issues by creating accessible, educational, enjoyable content.

Clocking at just 01:20, the video manages to be relevant, informative and, most importantly, captivating to watch.

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