Jvion is a new health care technology that is capable of predicting the medical issues that will happen to a patient down to the within an hour of when they will occur, and prescribes the best treatment for those issues. Millions of dollars are spent each year on using technology to improve the way healthcare is done, and now with Jvion, clinics have the capability of taking a cognitive look at their patients.

The video is narrated by a woman with a British accent, and a light electronic music fills the background with soft piano tones. The establishing shot is a human eye, and within the eye, an animation of a computer motherboard displayed in the white of the eye. Zooming into the black of the pupil, the camera moves into what appears to be the inside of a computer. A number matrix comes on the screen, horizontally depicting numbers that change at a rapid rate, made from a thin sans serif font.

Computer parts, such as memory boards and motherboards, are used liberally throughout the video to give the viewer a sense that this hospital technology is smart, up to date, and seamlessly integrated with the progress of computers. The human eye is used several times in the video as well, though the latter parts of the video have a spinning globe in the place of the black pupil.

When Jvion is introduced, the product logo is center screen, the typeface made up of hundreds of small dots of light. The font itself is a bold sans serif with tight kerning. The background looks to be the inside of a brain, where the synapses are firing electric signals to each other.  This visual recurs several more times throughout the three minute video, and from this point the electric signals play a role to move the video along as well. Visuals and narration combine to depict that Jvion will help save millions of lives as well as millions of dollars, and the video ends where it began – with the human eye and the Jvion logo.

Those responsible for the technological advancement of their hospitals will certainly be intrigued with what Jvion has to offer.

JVION is great commercial video.