National Association Of Landscape Professionals Video Plays On Strong Sentiments Of Community And Environmentalism

NALP Video Ad Underlines The Social Responsibility Of Landscape Professionals

National Association Of Landscape Professionals (NALP) is an organization that provides lawn and tree care, irrigation and landscaping consulting and related services across the U.S.

Vibrant Media Productions, a Florida-based video production company, produced a video commercial for NALP that explains, in great detail, what the company does and how it matters for the general public.

Clocking at one minute and 55 seconds, the video ad tells a story that links personal well-being, national unity and care for nature.

Top-notch video production companies use a wide array of visuals to engage viewers and bring to life the diversity and beauty of the locations they're showcasing. Such design principle is applied very well here.

NALP's video consists of multiple aerial views, sweeping panoramas and panning camera movements of outdoor areas, including city parks, running tracks, flower fields, playgrounds, gardens, yards and backyards, riverside walkways, heritage sites and other green areas.

Families, friends, people in groups and lone individuals are shown jogging, playing sports, socializing and taking a recreational walk in the sunny surroundings.

The vibrant post-production enhances the colors of nature, signaling the importance of landscape workers for the vitality of public spaces.

The male narrator opens the storytelling by proclaiming “The beautiful green spaces of our country are where we as a nation come together to connect, to celebrate, to play, to unwind, to be.”

This emotionally-charged sentence sets the tone for the entire video, in which the succession of shots gradually unfolds to replace scenes of everyday life with landscape workers cultivating the surroundings.

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An Upbeat Soundtrack Complements The Lush Imagery of NALP’s Video Design

The video’s music and sounds play an integral role in its design. The soundtrack develops steadily from acoustic guitar chords into a layered melody with percussions and complex arrangements.

The sonic effect creates a mood that is both optimistic and ethereal, grandiose and homey - very fitting for a nature-themed video.

In conjunction with the video ad’s images, the music and narration embody the go-getting spirit of the landscape professionals maintaining the outdoor spaces, as well as the “regular” people in the streets.

Visual Aids Capture Key Messaging Moments And Educate Viewers

NALP’s commercial video captures the organization’s commitment and dedication to professionalism and awareness of social responsibility.

Apart from the hi-res video material and captures of outdoor spaces and living, the visual aspects of this video contain brief graphic inserts that summarize the main takeaways from certain narration points. Branding experts often employ such techniques to ensure the key points are highlighted and remain memorable for the viewers.

These inserts are implemented as green squares with a thin white line and a classy white sans-serif typeface that repeats the vital parts of the messaging like, “Lawns and landscapes play a critical role in the health of our environment” and “Well maintained trees and plants provide oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and cool our communities.”

These inserts are mostly oriented on the importance of the work landscape professionals do and they also provide insight into what they do on a daily basis.

The green squares appear by sliding sideways onto the screen with a subtle “whoosh” sound that is barely audible so as not to disrupt the sound of the narrator.

Having these visual aids is helpful for viewers that watch the video on mute because they deliver the critical parts of National Association Of Landscape Professionals’ message.

Videos typically appear as muted by default on social media feeds, so it’s important to be able to get the message across without sound. We wrote an article on the best Facebook video ads that includes some great examples of mute ads.

Bright Lighting And Attention To Detail Permeate The Dynamic NALP Video Commercial

Shots and images of nature appear throughout the entire video, which is shot in HD quality worthy of 2021.

The focus is either on lush landscapes or people’s activities in them. The camerawork alternates between closeup shots, slow motion sequences and regular recordings.

The theme of the video dictates vibrant colors that show the green spaces at their most exuberant.

The post-production work enhances the colors through a bit of saturation, but the majority of this vivid appeal stems from the natural lighting. Each video sequence appears to have been filmed at the time of day when the sun’s light was at its most brilliant.

Certain sections of the video, like sprinklers going off on lawns, show a great attention to detail, with each water drop and blade of grass clearly visible on screen.

Patriotic Sentiments And Environmental Health Play A Critical Role In National Association Of Landscape Professionals’ Video

Vibrant Media Production’s video commercial for National Association Of Landscape Professionals embodies all the core values of the organization: environmental advocacy, education of industry professionals, promotion of the industry and setting of the highest standards.

The video’s storyline combines two main elements: the sense of belonging to a community and the importance of maintaining the open space surroundings.

With virtually no effects used, the video design feels organic while different sequences flow very well together. This is another successful testament to the central theme of environment preservation.

The visual impact of the video is striking and quite convincing. However, arguably the most significant emotive contribution is in the strong narration, message delivery and engaging soundtrack. NALP’s About page explains their societal role:

“The National Association of Landscape Professionals is the national trade association representing nearly 100,000 landscape industry professionals in the United States, Canada and overseas. Member companies specialize in lawn care, landscape design and installation, landscape maintenance, tree care, irrigation and water management, and interior plantscaping. Members also include students, consultants, industry suppliers, state associations and affiliate members.”

The video aligns very well with the company’s core values, lending it outbursts of energy, tranquility and vitality through professional camerawork and top-notch editing.

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