Sunrun is one of the many solar companies leading the charge to help homes and families switch from traditional electricity to renewable solar energy. This video was created to help explain the process of going solar and show how simple Sunrun’s process is.

A blue Sunrun logo opens the video, made from a circular, bold sans serif font in all lower case. The background is sky blue, the perfect color for a video about solar power. The logo transitions off screen, and a video title slides on screen in an animation, the font a similar one to the logo, though this is all upper case. After the title transitions off screen, a female narrator comes on to explain the process of signing up for solar with Sunrun. The sky blue background remains constant through this whole process. The narrator is shown from the torso upward, and wears a dark navy blouse with a Sunrun logo on the left side.

This four-step video is a mixture of animation and live action narration. As the narrator explains the steps involved, simple and crisp animations complement the narration. The first step, chatting with a solar consultant, is shown through an orange box in center screen with a customer service rep in a blue shirt. The animation is aesthetically appealing and uses only a few colors, striking a casual yet professional tone. Again, the sky blue background remains behind the animation.

The customer service animation transforms into a paper quote with a dollar sign at the bottom, which then transforms into an application, which then transforms into an envelope which is sent to a city hall. The city hall transforms into a home, and solar panels appear in the air and settle on the home, a visual depiction of how easy it is to sign up for solar.

The video ends the same way it began: with the blue Sunrun logo moving into center screen, though this time it’s accompanied by a sub heading that admonishes the viewer to “save with the sun” in the same typeface as previously used in the video.

With an ever-increasing population of environmentally-conscious consumers, solar energy is the answer to a sustainable earth, and Sunrun offers an appealing package to those consumers.

Sunrun Explainer is a great animation video.