Tommy John's Clever, Friendly Personality Shines In This Explainer Video

Tommy John’s Explainer Video Keeps Branding Consistent

Tommy Jonn is a men’s fashion company specializing in underwear, essentials, and layers. It’s a brand that’s still new to the scene, but that doesn’t mean their designs are lacking. Quite the opposite actually — this is a brand that understands the power of awareness and identity, infusing its clever branding into every aspect of its design and presence.

And that includes this explainer video.

This video lives on the Tommy John site, and it’s used to educate visitors to the site about the importance of comfort and care when it comes to underwear and other men’s layers. But it does so in a light and friendly way that immediately pulls you in.

There are some laughable comments, creative imagery, and impactful statements. But what really ties it all together is this video’s dedication to consistent, clean and clear branding. From the second the video starts to the second it ends it’s tied together with a happy, personable and humorous tone.

The voice is approachable and relatable, talking to users like a friend and not like a corporate entity. And that feel exists across the entire brand — from its social media to its web copy and more.

Another element of branding that appears in this video is the use of color. The Tommy John brand relies heavily on the color green — a forest green with a touch of blue that's soothing, trustworthy, and peaceful. This color is included in the logo design and in the web design as well.

And in this video, the color takes up the entire background of the video — with the images and text appearing in a bright and airy white color to stand out.

Branding is important, and this brand knows how to leverage it. And it works.

This Tommy John Video Perfectly Balances Imagery And Text To Bring Context & Clarity

The Tommy John video relies heavily on motion graphics, using cool and bubbly illustrations to add context to the topic of underwear and bringing a happiness and a vivacious spirit to the brand and the content.

This video uses fun and simple illustrations and animations to talk about the problem in men’s apparel — the discomfort of underwear and other clothing that just doesn’t fit right. And these images are fun and fluid, bringing a life and an authority to the video and the brand.

But what works so well in this video is the combination of imagery and text. Both are necessary — the images are captivating, but the text provides context and makes it more clear the message this video is trying to deliver. This is precisely how motion graphics specialists integrate these key production elements to enhance storytelling and convey messages effectively.

Text can be overwhelming, but here it works. It slides in, falls in and fades in a creative and smooth way, helping the video transition from concept to concept in a pleasing way.

And both elements work together seamlessly to deliver a powerful and playful message that encourages viewers to buy.

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Motion Graphics Add Sophistication To This Tommy John Video

Motion graphics is a powerful tool for engaging with consumers, giving authority to your brand, simplifying complex concepts and adding an approachability to your products and services.

And in this video, they shine.

This is an explainer video trying to find some common ground in order to relate to consumers. And so with it, they try to explain the problem of uncomfortable underwear. It’s a funny message innately, which is compelling right from the start, but with the infusion of motion graphics, this video gets a fun and fantastical boost.

The motion graphics here take on many forms, with shirts, underwear and other clothing illustrations being drawn out right before your very eyes.

Images fly in and zoom out while text links the many different thoughts and ideas together to create a cohesive video that delivers a poignant message and aligns the brand as one that consumers can trust for their underwear needs.

These motion graphics are effective and clear, condensing the brand and its message in a concise, clever and digestible format that engages existing users and entices new ones.

There’s also a humorous element — one that is magnified by the creative use of motion graphics. This lets the voiceover make witty comments while the images pop in an out in clever and laugh-inducing ways.

This, plus the addition of some hilarious sound effects really brings the design full circle.

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The Power Of Motion Graphics In Explainer Video

Motion graphics breathe life into any design — whether they’re integrated into videos like this one, embedded in web designs or infused into app designs. These moving images and animations bring a dynamic and exciting element to a design that promotes engagement and grabs attention — giving users something impactful to interact with — and they leave a lasting impression.

These motion graphics effects have a way of connecting with consumers and viewers in a more creative and successful way. More consumers would rather interact with a video than read text, so in that way, these cartoon videos and animations are immediately more compelling than the same content in textual form.

They also tend to appeal to emotions, making an impact on feelings and thoughts in a way that photographs and other, live-action video can’t. That’s because, through motion graphics, brands can tell a compelling story — and consumers love stories because they can relate to them more organically.

Similarly, motion graphics enable video producers to simplify complex concepts. If your brand works in a technical or complicated industry, a motion graphics video can help provide context and clarity in a way that’s easy to digest and easy to retain.

Motion graphics don’t just tell you what you need to know, they show you — so these videos appeal on a wide variety of levels and connect with a wider audience scope. Not everyone can hear something or read something and understand it — and these effects help to bridge that gap.

Brands can pack a whole lot of information into these short, clever, fun and exciting motion graphics videos. And especially when it comes to explainer videos, motion graphics can condense a larger, longer and more comprehensive idea, product or service into a quick one or two-minute clip that users actually want to interact with.

That's why branding professionals use captivating graphics, animated elements and storytelling techniques to simplify the viewing experience while enhancing visual appeal.

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The History Of Tommy John

Tommy John is a men’s clothing company passionate about fixing the problem of ill-fitting clothing layers — think bunching underwear, socks that slip off your feet and undershirts that just don’t fit right.

The brand was founded in 2008 in New York City by Tom Patterson and Erin Fujimoto-Patterson — a dynamic and now married couple who decided to quit their jobs and jump in on this venture to solve the problem of uncomfortable attire.

Here’s a message from the brand itself:

"Fixing things" doesn't mean tugging at your crotch or pulling up your socks again. It means finding a solution to this age-old problem, once and for all. It means understanding how men move, combining innovative fabric technologies and tweaking the fit down to the placement of the last stitch. Tom made this task his mission. That's why he quit his job and started Tommy John. With the support of his wife, Erin, a local tailor and a small team of designers, Tom re-imagined the fit, feel and function of man's most fundamental layers. He built and patented new features from scratch. The result? Shirts that stay tucked, socks that stay up and underwear that keeps everything in place, whichever way a man moves.

Success was slow but steady. Tom created a prototype, showed it to friends and pushed on, taking these designs to manufacturers where they grew even more popular. In 2014 and 2015, the brand exploded, growing nearly twice as large thanks in part to major endorsements from figures like Howard Stern, Kevin Hart, and others.

By 2016, business was booming — the brand had sold more than two million pairs of underwear and was available in 500 stores. And today, it still holds that same success, dedication, and ambition.

This video captures that vigorous spirit and shows the brand’s playfulness and authority through stunning motion graphics, clever humor, and consistent branding. This is a brand with humble roots — and they still hold onto this heritage to come off as a brand that consumers are happy to trust and buy from.

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