TK Maxx ‘A White Christmas’ Advert 2017

TK Maxx offers big products at small prices. Their 2017 Christmas Advert “A White Christmas” highlights a humorous and crazy promotion: They are delivering actual snow.

The scene opens to a journey down a chimney to reveal a Granddad who picked up gifts for his family from TK Maxx. Grandma receives a wonderful bust of a dog before the dog turns to her with a curious ruff.

Gramps finds a snow globe with the words “A white Christmas” to give to his granddaughter. The little girl runs to open the door as an avalanche of snow rushes in to the home. Her “thumbs up” punches through the snow while a Christmas song plays in the background.

The brother runs outside and his jaw drops. A red TK Maxx wagon filled with snow and three workers with hoses fill the entire property with real snow.

We then hear ‘That’s right, we’re delivering, actual snow, to front doors, for free!”

We are then told to find an exclusive snow globe in-store or online for a white Christmas to your door for “absolutely nothing.”

Family and friends relish in the snow, throwing snowballs and making snowmen.  The camera pans to a TK Maxx employee hanging from a helicopter on a ladder rope.

An aerial view shows the home blanketed with white snow. The video than tells us this is just one of TK Maxx’s big gifts at small prices and ridiculous possibilities.

What a phenomenal holiday ad. It is fun and hilarious. Not to mention absolutely intriguing that they will deliver actual snow! What a fun take on the holidays. TK Maxx increases awareness and decided to take Christmas right to your door.