Trayana - Sharing Is Caring TVC

Standout Features:

  • Positive vibe
  • Societal kindness
  • Great storytelling

Trayana – Sharing is Caring TVC is a delightful biscuit ad developed by Handplayed. The agency uses an uplifting song to support clips of positive and helpful people.

The commercial shows the butterfly effect of an individual's noble act leading to a chain of kindness. It takes us through a series of events with several protagonists who feel inspired to do a good deed once they have been met with compassion.

We first see a gardener finding someone’s wallet on the ground. As he returns it to the man, the owner proceeds to save a cat stuck on a tree, putting a smile on a little girl’s face. The girl and her friends then recognize a worried expression on an old lady’s face and dance below her window to cheer her up. Finally, she takes the biscuits and shares them with everyone.

The video is packed with smiles and sends a strong positive message that promotes working together toward everyone’s happiness.

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