Unlikely Hero

Climate change is one of the greatest concerns on the minds of people today. Consumers want to know that the companies they do business with have the interests of the entire planet in mind. Interface released this short video, Unlikely Hero, to show their commitment to reversing climate change.

The video is incrediblypowerful. It takes some time to develop a scene and makes you ask questions before providing any answers. The video opens with giant robots walking with their heads above the clouds. The blue sky is bright and colorful. The animation is modern but still maintains some elements of a classic cartoon. As the point of view moves downward through the clouds, a contrasting world is revealed. Dark pollution blots out the sun and colorful sky. Green sewage runs through the water. It’s here where we meet our Unlikely Hero.

A young girl puts on a gas mask and runs outdoors. Among all the bland, dark colors; her bright yellow clothing is the only thing that stands out. The end of the video sees the merging of the darkness and colorful sky.

There is no narration and very little text used in this video. The music and animation are powerful enough to tell the story on their own. Environmentally conscious viewers will appreciate that Interface has acknowledged climate change and pledged to help be part of the solution. This is the kind of corporate video that earns views and gets people interested.

Unlikely Hero is a creative cartoon video.

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