1 Billion Nets Colorful Website Design

The warm tones of this website compliment the tone of the site and its setting: Africa. It only makes sense to feature beautiful sunsets and photos of happy children's silhouettes as the backdrop for this theme. 

This organization took on the task of distributing one billion nets to Africans in order to prevent and stop Malaria, a devastating and deadly disease that is transmitted via mosquito bite.

As you scroll through the website (or navigate through the menu), you can learn more about the disease in a very well-produced video and get to know the lucky family that got the one billionth net.

In the next section, more bright and warm tones fill the screen as a map shows users just how much has been accomplished by the organization since the year 2000 through statistics. 

The captivating designentices users to want to help through simple, easy actions as well. When you reach the end of the website, 1 Billion Nets will tell you exactly how to do so.

1 Billion Nets is a colorful website design in the Non-Profit industry.