My Grandmother’s Lingo Beautiful Homepage

SBS’s interactive online experience “My Grandmother’s Lingo” is dedicated to raising awareness about the declining language of Australia’s Aboriginals. This home page, and the entire experience, is a terrific demonstration of interactive website design, that can maximize a site’s effectiveness.

The textdirectly engages the user, asking them to lend their voice. From this homepage, users can descend into the world and message of the site, as they listen, click, and speak their way through the experience.

My Grandmother’s Lingo Beautiful Website Design

Here, the interactive experience begins. Users are asked to rapidly tap or click on the butterfly above in order to reveal the secret aboriginal word. Users frantically click on the ever-elusive butterfly, building their enthusiasm until finally the secret word is revealed.

This site’s multifaceted interactive elements draw users in, naturally builds buzz, and allows people to experience the impetus of the site, first hand. Throughout the rest of the site, users are frequently engaged in varied sorts of interactions.

My Grandmother’s Lingo Beautiful Website Design

From here, the interaction and anticipation of the site unfolds at greater and greater magnitude. Users with microphone capabilities begin to engage with a variety of games that involve tapping, clicking, listening, and even speaking to control the experience.

This unprecedented level of user engagement and full sensory expression creates a web experience of an entirely new caliber. Engaging users across mobile and desktop interfaces with this level of sensory interaction, playing nuanced games while learning a forgotten language, provides an unforgettable experience for all.

My Grandmother’s Lingo Beautiful Website Design

Lastly, it’s important to note that even amongst this unparalleled focus on user interaction and web mechanics, the designers have maintained a beautiful and consistent aesthetic. The highly detailed aboriginal art style synergizes well with the thesis and function of the entire site.

In their quest to tell the story of a forgotten tribal language, they’ve made sure to truly immerse users in the art and culture of the tribe in question. This art style not only buttresses the theme and purpose of the site, but is also magnified with the interactivity of the site. Users look, listen, and speak in the language and art of the forgotten culture SBS is trying to raise awareness of. This synergy of style, interactivity, and message creates an unparalleled and radically effective web experience.

My Grandmother’s Lingo is a beautiful website design in the Non-Profit industry.