A Different Class Great Homepage

The Lien Foundation is incorporating a new approach to early childhood education with their program, A Different Class. As the foundation continues to push for support of this project, their website offers a wonderful digital experience with its ingenious design and use of colors.

The home page opens a modal window that summarizes the program. Its juxtaposition against a blurred image pulls the white panel forward, enhancing UX and UI applications. On the left side of the page is an ellipsis menu, which simplifies sitemap navigation.

A Different Class Great Website Design

The website uses a parallax scroll, allowing users to navigate through the 10 different building designs. Each design has its own page that’s represented by a specific bright color and a number. The page is a two-pane split; the left pane features a black background and a banner image of the building design.

Underneath the image is an opportunity for users to share or like the foundation’s page. The right panel depicts the number that corresponds with the design, and it uses color to draw attention to the content and the call to action buttons at the bottom.

A Different Class Great Description Page

Next to the blurb is an arrow button that opens a design description page. This page is a fullscreen module that uses the corresponding color as the backdrop. It offers a brief rundown of the design and an image of a map that shows potential locations.

A Different Class Great Contact Page

The website interacts with their users by offering them an opportunity to share their ideas. Usually, contact forms are a way users can ask about goods and services. Instead, The Lien Foundation uses it as an opportunity to engage with their users.

The background is a light-gray color, drawing attention to the white contact form box. Each call to action button is noticeable, and the location map on the right enhances UI and UX.

The Lien Foundation’s concept for their project, A Different Class, is astonishing. Their creative approach to early childhood education is fantastic, and the foundation’s ability to display their ideas through web design shows their tenacity for this project.

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