Career Zoo Beautiful Website Design

Career Zoo is "Ireland's Premier Career Event," and its creative website promotes it well. Their many trendy events pop well throughout the design.

The top video lets users feel the atmosphere of the event: lots of people, music, and excitement. If nothing else, you will have a great time networking. The super slick logo overlay on the video is a wonderful touch, design-wise.

The content is displayed in very effectively. From the type throughout the website (especially the large stats) to the very well-organized "sliding" exhibitors list to the fullscreen testimonials, everything is very bold, fresh and in tune with the theme of the website.

The partners section finally gives theses companies the space they deserve -- moreso, even, as normally companies are just allotted space in the footer.

Finally, the menu is wonderful. They keep their many available links tucked within a hamburger menu, and let them slide on stage from the right when clicked.

Career Zoo is a beautiful website design in the Professional Services industry.