Woodwork Creative Homepage

Woodwork is a brand design company whose services span a range of styles and sizes of projects. Whether it's working on a fringe design for an immersive brand or developing a hard-nosed, tested design for an international corporation, Woodwork comes through with incredibly unique work.

Woodwork’s home page indicates their scope of ability, with the relationship between UI and content. The background displays a rotating variety of work conducted by the company. This content is foregrounded and maximized, while the UI is actually minimal and nuanced. A small, white line winds its way around the page, weaving into a series of enigmatic icons. This balance of both powerful and subtle elements reflects the control, impact, and detail Woodwork can bring to their brands.

Woodwork Creative Portfolio Page

Woodwork’s portfolio page continues to demonstrate the varying scope and approach that the company applies to each and every project. It's organized into small, symmetrical panels that respond to the movement of every user’s mouse. The portfolio features a variety of projects, both in terms of style and of magnitude. By dividing these projects into several panels that are then presented in unison, the designer is providing a visual cue to the expansiveness and variety of Woodwork’s portfolio. Yet, no matter how significant or insignificant a project may be, they're all given the same space here. This continues to affirm Woodwork’s varietal, client-focused image.

Woodwork Creative Website Design

Woodwork’s “About” page displays a red panel with a large body of text that explores the company’s process and founding values. A blurb affirms all of the brand implications rampant across the design of the site. It discusses Woodwork’s allegiance to using technology as an enabling means to an inspirational end. No matter the scope, ambition, or subtlety of a project, Woodwork will deliver a product like no other. This is an example of how text and graphics can synergize to fully encompass a branded user experience.

Woodwork is a creative website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.