CFR Beautiful Homepage

CFR has created this interactive web experience to educate, raise awareness, and call to action about the deforestation of the Amazon rain forest. The site functions as an interactive timeline through the decline in condition of the ecosystem.

This homepage demonstrates the aesthetic of the page which is largely academic and exploratory. The background is an aerial video of the Amazon rainforest. The video flies over the jungle, giving users the sense that they have a bird's eye view of the Amazon. This mirrors the perspective of the activity, which provides users with an omniscient perspective of the Amazon’s history. By introducing the experience with this spanning perspective of the rainforest, the designer has put users in the proper frame of mind to appreciate the activity.

CFR Beautiful Timeline Design

This next phase of the activity is emblematic of the site’s navigation mechanic. Users pop out a small menu with an interactive timeline users can manipulate to explore the site’s range of information. This design mechanic enables the site to be navigated at will or to tell a coherent and relevant narrative. The interface is sleek and minimal in size so as not to take away from the site’s important content. This is an example of how a designer can create a simple mechanic that radically improves the UX. This timeline gives user’s a little more autonomy, progression, and angle on the information that completely changes its ability to impact.

CFR Clean Resources Page

This final page is an informational rundown if the different educational resources associated with this activity and organization. This page extends the UX beyond the scope of the site, and sustains user interest in the issue and organization after the activity’s conclusion. What’s more, the page is accessible from the timeline and demonstrates how the designer has created a site that uses a variety of media. Some pages are graphic, some are photographic, some are purely textual, but all of them tell a compelling story in a variety of ways. This multimedia design gives the site more dynamism and keeps the experience fresh and ever-engaging. Users will continually be reinfused with excitement and appreciation as the site continues to change and develop.

CFR is a beautiful website design in the Non-Profit industry.