CIRQ Wines Creative Homepage

This very unique website reminds us of an old newspaper or an old western poster. Right off the bat, we can see that the layout is very simple and relies on different font faces, different font sizes, and colors to distinguish content. The background color -- a pastel skin color hue -- is normally associated to old paper. The font family choices also add to this wild wild west feeling: who still uses Courier New as body text? And the use of Egyptienne Condensed reinforces this idea. Nonetheless, we love this design it is very consistent and cohesive. The designers decided to choose this route ad they went all the way!

Most of the (super bold) titles are clickable and let the user know more about the brand -- click on the "Estate" word and watch a video presenting the vineyard -- and it's products: different wines. There are some crazy animations on the subpages, like a flying serpent or a rotating sun, that add to the quirkiness of this website.

CIRQ Wines Creative Website Design

It's worth hovering over the bottle photo to see it rolling. Even the animation seems rustic!

CIRQ Wines Creative Product Page

The use of black and white photos on the subpages adds to this vintage design.

On the wine pages, though, I've noticed something really smart: the text content uses the same background as the the homepage, but the photography is placed on black background to allow the colors to shine brighter.

CIRQ Wines is a creative website design in the Food & Beverage industry.