Creative Clash Colorful Website Design

Creative Clash is crafted by the geniuses at The Infantree, a Lancaster, PA-based branding agency. Creative Clash is a humorous card game that pokes fun at the creative industry. The board game challenges its players to form their own powerhouse creative team, tackle jobs, and pump up their characters to win. Professional creatives will immediately relate to the game’s theme as it includes experiences in the advertising, marketing, and branding industry that actually happen. 

This is the website made for the game promotion and offers the access of buying. Using one-page deep-scrolling fashion, the interface design goes well with the game’s graphical style. The visual presentation looks fresh and light-hearted, and it makes the card illustration stand out. The call-to-actions to buy the game are placed front and center. The treatment for introducing the type of the cards is interesting — the imagery of a hand holding the cards changes along with the dropdown option. The “How to Play” section is styled in an engaging visual language. This simple yet precise website presents the game well, the wording features the essence of the game, the visual is well-branded and cohesive. Plus, the downloadable docs turn out to be great marketing tools, which create the incentive to the purchase. 

Creative Clash is a colorful website design in the Advertising and Arts & Recreation industries.