Computerized Forms Minimal Homepage

When you visit Computerized Forms, you are greeted with a very simple website. Black background, white text. There are only three words. “Computerized Forms” is a strange typography that looks like it’s made up of different shapes. In the bottom-left corner it says scroll.

Scrolling down the page causes the “Computerized Forms” text to explode into a bunch of smaller pieces that float down the page as you continue to scroll. The animation is unexpected and interesting. There’s still no real explanation of what you’re looking at until you choose to click the white circle in the top-left corner.

Computerized Forms Minimal Website Design

The images that come into view while scrolling through the Computerized Forms website are posters for musicians. Computerized Forms has used the Web Audio API to make these poster designs move to the music. Clicking on one of the posters will open a page which allows you to see the animations in action.

Computerized Forms Fun Website Design

Again, the page is clean. The focus is on the poster which is front and center. The title, artist, and play button are all in clean black text that stand out on the white background. Of course, nothing stands out more than the bright dancing poster. The poster turns, dances, and changes color along with the music. It is truly an interesting project presented in a very simple way; although the tech behind the dancing poster is anything but simple.

Computerized Forms is a fun website to check out. It’s easy to jump between different posters, enjoy the music, and watch the unique animations that really do work very well with the music. Of course, the music and the posters are the highlight here. Other than the opening typography; there is not much to draw attention away from the animations that the website was created for.

Computerized Forms is a minimal website design in the Entertainment and Technology industries.