Dunlop Builders Elegant Homepage

Dunlop Builders is an established Wanaka building company specializing in new residential projects, architecturally designed houses and renovations. As an award-winning trade certified and registered Master Builder, their attention to detail ensures their client’s home is expertly built and finished. 

The website of Dunlop Builders is rocked by the minimalist design. In the fast-changing digital world, design trends come and go, but some trends are eternal. Minimalism is one of such trends. “Less is more” proves the company is confident enough and sure of itself. There is no clutter on the site, Dunlop Builders website makes the focus on their clients, and let the projects stand out and shine. 

On the “Homepage”, along with the fullscreen project imagery, the bold typography treatment creates the powerful statement-like effect. With the minimalist approach, the look exudes something elegant and sophisticated. When the scrolling behavior occurs, the project title morphs smoothly into each other by parallax effect. The three featured imageries are not only for show, but also clickable accesses to the detail pages. The big green circle behind the hamburger menu is an extended idea from the logo. The green dot represents Dunlop Builders’ passion for sustainable practices. They are committed to recycle as much waste as possible.   

Dunlop Builders Elegant About Page

On the subpages, the green circle concept merges into the hamburger menu. The whitespace with black texts is all about. Never understate the power of the simplicity, a site that uses whitespace effectively actually conveys the sense of calm and authority. That means Dunlop Builders knows what they're about and they know what matters. Indeed, all messaging and wordings are well-crafted. They only highlight the most important thing visitors need to know.

Dunlop Builders Elegant Product Page

The project detail page keeps the same consistency with the minimal design concept, yet to differ by being the most complexity of all. It begins with the fullscreen imagery, the brief description, and the grid-structured photo gallery, which are all brought up beautifully by the parallax method. At the very end, the nice previous/next button and the special navigation serves as the footer to encourage more user engagement are offered.

Dunlop Builders is an elegant website design in the Architecture industry.