Gritz Brewing eShop Website Design

Standout features:

  • Micro-animations and dynamic effects
  • Custom illustrations
  • Great-looking product pages

Gritz is an Italian brewery that produces gluten-free craft beers. Their website, designed and developed by All Creative agency, is the expansion of the branding work they have conducted for this client.

The website is tailored according to the brewery’s specific requests and delivers a smart and intuitive user experience. Beautiful label illustrations of each brew’s bottle is fully integrated into the website’s design, starting with the opening screen of bottles lined up against the gritty light brown background.

Logo’s vintage-looking script font fits in nicely with the more conservative and formal sans-serif typeface used for the website’s copy. Each product has a dedicated page that follows visual cues found on its label.

The amazing attention to detail is especially apparent in small, animated beer icons that accumulate according to the selected quantity of bottles when the user adds them to the cart. This not only provides the most welcome eye candy, but also facilitates the shopping experience as shoppers can keep track of the quantity of items easily.

Dynamic microinteraction effects like bubbles rising upwards while scrolling create an immersive experience that users wish to engage with for prolonged periods of time.

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