HeForShe Beautiful Homepage

HeForShe is a great example of a webpage for a political movement. The aim of the movement is to empower men to stand up for women’s issues in today’s world. The page stays true to its brand and works to inspire people to take action and join the movement.

The home page opens to show a picture with the words “Impact 10x10x10 Gender Parity Report” in bold. The white color in contrast with the black background draws the attention of the viewer and you automatically want to learn more. On scrolling down, you notice the counter, which states the number of equality actions people have taken. However, the best part about the landing page is the interactive world map where you can click on countries to gain a quick understanding about the level of severity of target issues.

The strong, clear, striking branding defines HeforShe’s website; however, the greatest feature that distinguishes it from the standard non-profile site is the power of the colors. The major color -- pink -- represents feminine, caring, compassion and love. It’s insightful and intuitive and it shows tenderness and kindness from its empathetic and sensitive nature. In color psychology, pink is also a sign of hope. It is a positive color that inspires warm and comforting feelings. To combine pink with black or gray make pink stronger and more sophisticated. It also adds authority, independence, discipline, power, and control. To have black as the background, pink and white as the front colors creates the stunning and impactful visuals. The color palette really helps the brand set up the right tone. 

The homepage is divided up into specific, targeted sections with a clear purpose. In addition to the smart choice of colors, the minimal design concept, along with the smart use of whitespace, which accents the content and boosts the visibility of various calls-to-actions. 

HeForShe Beautiful Product Page

The website is highly interactive and makes great use of icons. Every option on the top of the page directs you to another landing page where you can donate, take action or join the movement with relative ease. At the bottom of the homepage, linked icons are provided for viewers looking for more information.

The fonts used are all the color white and pink against a black background. The pink is indicative of the focus on women’s issues and adds to the viewing experience of the user.

The user experience of the website is also good. Information is easily accessible and supported by icons and maps to make the website even more engaging.

The minimalism concept from the homepage is carried onto the subpages, with the grid structure containing a crisscrossing content display conveying the messaging well. It’s an inspiring digital platform that tells compelling stories, clarify the case for joining, and make a lasting emotional connection with the visitors.

Overall, the HeForShe website does an excellent job of promoting a social and political movement. It provides quick facts for people looking for immediate information on a certain country and more in-depth material as well. The colors stand out and attract attention whilst psychologically signaling to the viewer the reason for the movement. The design is aligned with the brand identity every step of the way, and care has been taken to encourage participants for the HeForShe campaign.

HeForShe is a beautiful website design in the Non-Profit industry.