Honders Alting Professional Homepage

Honders/Alting has created a site dedicated to provided consumers with a comprehensive real estate searching process. Everything about this site has been formatted to enhance and aid the real estate search, while also providing a compelling visual experience along the way. This homepage, for example, isn’t really a page at all, but rather a video highlight reel of the company’s premiere listings. Immediately users are thrust into the company’s dense catalog of properties before they’ve even had time to get their bearings.

This designer doesn’t believe in holding user’s hands, but rather in thrusting them headlong into the experience they came here for. Why be coy? Users have visited here to see properties so let’s design the site to get them right to the properties. Still despite this rugged pragmatism, the site is designed in a user friendly and aesthetically pleasing way.

The multi-panel layout and deep purple color scheme all provide a pleasurable browsing experience. The page is designed this way because of Honders/Alting’s dedication to UX. It’s not trying to skimp, but it’s not trying to be excessive, it’s just trying to help you find a home.

Honders Alting Professional Product Page

This page is a filtered search tool, embedded into one of the site’s many pages. Users can click on the menus on the left and access a variety of features, including several different filter tools. Upon filling out the filtered search fields, users see their stream of appropriate properties in the center of the screen oscillate into the newly relevant listings.

This is how the designer balances the need for user’s to feel actualized, while also still maintaining control of the UX. Allowing users to manipulate the filters on the properties gives them some sense of control, but the stream of properties in question are still those under Honders/Alting’s influence.

Honders Alting Professional Website Design

Lastly, here’s a page called the “Wall of Fame”, which includes sold listings that have been aggregated to serve a portfolio-esque purpose. The page looks like every other listing so users might even still feel they’re looking at an available property. The effect of this similarity is that then when they realize it’s been sold, they begin to see the sales potential of every other available listing on the site. This a subtle bit of trickery that really adds a new level of nuance to the site’s UX. This use of UX to fuel salesmanship demonstrates the power of Honders/Alting’s design and the effectiveness of their site overall.

Honders Alting is a professional website design in the Real Estate industry.