Agate Luxury Residence Homepage

Agate Luxury Residence’s Website Provides a High-End User Interface With Immense Browsing Possibilities

Welcome to the epitome of modern luxury living!

The Agate Luxury Residence website design embodies a high-class, elegant lifestyle in the urban area of NYC.

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Yehuda Bruck designed the website in a way that elaborates on the client's purpose: to ensure your comfort at all times! The interface looks clean, delicate, and minimalist despite the extensive information.

The stunning full-screen image of the residence building is the perfect opening frame for visitors, giving them a glimpse of Agate's impressive living spaces. There's also a helpful navigation bar for easy browsing around the website.

The website's typography combines elegant, attention-grabbing serif fonts for headings and legible sans-serifs for the short body text. This combination grants increased visibility while delivering a stylish touch.

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Agate Website Design Apartment Page

Agate’s Website Design Grants You Creative Freedom in Picking Your Perfect Apartment

Like the best website designers, Yehuda Bruck wanted to simplify the site visitors' browsing experience. Hence, offering two apartment browsing options through the Apartments page: Layout and List.

The primary one features an interactive image of the building that divides the floors into clickable options. Meanwhile, there's also a default list view with simple filtering options and blueprints of the apartments.

The interactive layout leads you to each floor's designated lobby web page. Here, you'll see how many apartments you can choose from and how big they are. On the right, there's also a clickable visual that lets you pick a specific apartment.

Each apartment page contains details and extra features next to its blueprint view. Further below is a photo gallery showing that particular flat's interior and giving visitors a closer look at each unit.

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Agate Website Stunning Photography

Agate Luxury Residence’s Website Design Boasts High-Quality Apartment Photography Everywhere You Look

Despite having many visual elements, these don't take up the page, and the bulk of the imagery can be found on the "Gallery" page. It shows a moving gallery boasting the apartments' interior and exterior.

This page also displays pictures of the area surrounding the building, giving interested buyers a broader perspective on their future surroundings.

Each apartment has its indoor photos on its respective layout page.

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Agate Website Design by Yehuda Bruck

Agate’s Website Design Relies on Subtle Dynamic Elements To Deliver a Straightforward Narrative

Unlike the hero section, filled with a beautiful postcard-like picture of the building, the following sections on the homepage lay on a gray background.

Each page section features a stunning image of the property with brief information about its features. These elements decorate the screen and provide a more interactive exploration setting.

The typeface is presented in white and a muted peach color, contrasting the dark gray background. The website colors also match the photos, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing website experience.

And as you reach the bottom of the homepage, the website introduces you to the architect.

Overall, Agate Luxury Residence's website design by Yehuda Bruck deserves the Best Website Design Award for offering visitors a visually engaging tour of the properties.

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