MasterCard Corporate Website Design

Two orange and red overlapping circles. You know the logo, you know the company, now take some time to dive into everything MasterCard has to offer and more!

Do you know the latest offers from MasterCard? No? Well, head on over to their home page and get acquainted with a few of the newest features the company has going on! A beautiful array of photographs rotate before your eyes. Centered over each photograph, the company gives you short prompts that invite you to engage in some kind of new feature. It’s a fantastic way to engage you from the moment you visit their website.

The home page takes on the total theme of involving you in the current going-ons of MasterCard. Shifts between slate gray, vivid orange and snow white guide you between a number of ways you can follow the company’s doings from news to social media. The stark color contrast proves a useful navigation tool as you move from section to section.

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MasterCard Clean News Page

Find out more about what MasterCard has been up to by diving deeper into their news venue. Vibrancy and a colorful platform are replaced with a minimal set up approach, relying on gray and white to be the backdrop. The choice is a smart one as it brings the introductory image for each news article to the forefront of your attention. As you scroll through articles, the website puts an emphasis on organization to simplify the page. To do so, articles are placed in an evenly spaced grid that gives each article your proper attention. The organization-centric design creates a pleasant atmosphere for you to look through as you pick and choose what you want to read. 

Carrying the idea of easy navigation for users, MasterCard puts together a highly in-depth menu. Relying on color differences, the menu is split between dark and light gray. It gives you the choice to look for a specific customer-based area such as businesses versus government as well as generalized information. Each menu option is neatly lined up for a clean presentation that lets you look through everything in quick succession. The dynamic choice makes for the perfect navigation platform as you’re allowed to be as general or specific as you want.

MasterCard has a lot to offer and the assistance of a highly organized front creates a user friendly experience. Tools like neatly lined grids, menus, and color separation are simplified touches that make the design a pleasant one to dive into.

MasterCard is a corporate website design in the Banking & Finance industry.

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