Digital Asset Elegant Website Design

Are you prepared to take your business and product to the next level? Align yourself with Digital Asset and discover all that your business can be and more!

Let Digital Asset give you the building blocks to creating the business you’ve always wanted. Their home page does a fantastic job of visually demonstrating this to you as the first thing you see is a fundamental animation of the building blocks needed to create the best business approach.

Blue and white blocks shift against a darker blue background. Keep an eye out for the pale lines that move between blocks! They activate a series of informational panels that come and go with the movement, cluing you into the many dynamics the company looks at when they work with you.

The animated introduction is an engaging choice that gives you a great foundation of understanding and intrigue as you dive further into their website.

Digital Asset aims for a whimsical feel in the way they present the remainder of their home page. The gray page below the animation comes alive with its own dynamic design that focuses on giving you a brief insight of everything about the company. Initially, as you scroll, blue words seep out of the gray coloring. However, the further down the page you go, the more sentences and simplistic illustrations make their appearance on the page. It’s a fun and intriguing way to continue engaging you as mystery is raised about what’s going to pop up on the page the more you read on!

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Digital Asset Elegant Blog Page

Dive into a simpler platform on Digital Asset by exploring the company’s blog page, where you’ll find everything from business advice to company updates. With a focus on letting the blog titles make an impact and draw your attention, the page combines a plain background with a simplistic list of titles evenly spaced down the center of your scroll. The attention to the little detail of organization on the blog heightens the importance of what you’re reading, maintaining how it should be your only focus. It’s also a great way for you to keep in touch and keep updated!

Digital Asset implements an engaging and visually appealing design where a heavy emphasis on animations and meaningful illustrations build a pleasant user experience. The simplicity of the color scheme maintains the fun atmosphere while allowing the playful animations to remain in the center of the user’s attention to convey the company’s message.

Digital Asset is an elegant website design in the Banking & Finance and Professional Services industries.

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