Metropolitan Museum of Art Great Homepage

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a famous museum you’ve likely heard of. With stunning displays of art designed to create an impact, their website is designed to be a testament to just that.

Familiarize yourself with the five biggest events happening at the Met by watching the slider of advertising photographs positioned at the top of the page. It’s the first thing you’ll see so stop and enjoy all of them.

The strategic placement is information, giving you an idea of the changes the museum has made since the last time you visited. Vivid imagery is combined with contrasting color combinations to hold your attention as they move between pictures.

As you scroll through the page, you’ll find the update on current Met events continues. A side-by-side table in gray presents you with events as well as blog posts. The presentation is cleanly organized, lining up both sides of the table evenly. The choice creates a bam-bam-bam feeling as you’re able to efficiently digest each side of the table at a quickened pace.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art Great News Page

Get ready to get excited about each of the exhibits available for viewing at the Met! A sample image from each exhibit is lined up side by side going down the page as a way to generate your interest. The use of a white background truly helps draw your attention to the pictures used.

Beneath each image, you’ll find the exhibit name and the date the exhibit runs until. Watch out for that red font, though! Time is running out on those exhibits and they’ll be gone before you know it. The simple depiction choice leaves your eyes to focus solely on what exhibits attract you first, letting you dive in to explore those how you want.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Great Blog Page

Taking organization to a heightened level of uniformity, the Met puts together a blog that’s an easy breeze of a read. Formatting is crucial to this setup, as each blog post is designed to generate the same amount of visual interest. Lined one on top of the other down the center, every post consists of a title, teaser text, image, and then more text. It creates a uniform mentality so you take each post for the content rather than the design of it.

Paying close attention to formatting and organization becomes the foundation of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website. The strategic choice allows images to generate user curiosity as they create their own user experience to transfer over into real life when they visit.

Metropolitan Museum of Art is a great website design in the Arts & Recreation and E-commerce & Retail industries.

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