King of Soul Beautiful Landing Page

Otis Redding: Singer. Songwriter. Legend.

Fifty years ago, Otis Redding passed away, but the legacy he left behind was not lost on the world. King of Soul is a website dedicated to his story and the music he made, paying homage to the way he changed the entire music industry. Upon reaching the landing page, visitors are greeted by one of his many soul-filled songs.

The site takes on a blues and jazz feel by selecting a color scheme designed from blues, whites, and golds. The very first thing users see is an image of Otis Redding covered by a blue filter to carry over the emotion-invoking scheme.

King of Soul Beautiful Website Design

By scrolling down the page, site visitors are able to learn about who Otis Redding was and how he got started in his personal life and musical career. The page is divided into several sections to make it easy to learn about his life in stages. Each segment follows the same format, starting out with a simple animation about what stage of life is being covered, followed by a relevant quote. Before moving onto Redding’s next important stage in life, visitors are invited to listen to one of Redding’s popular, hit songs from that era.

King of Soul Beautiful Website Design

Once they’ve finished reading and interacting with Redding’s story, visitors are able to listen to an entire soundtrack comprised of Redding’s original songs, as well as other Redding tracks covered by artists who hold the King of Soul in high esteem. The playlist was put together on Spotify and embedded into the website. Visitors are able to leave the King of Soul’s website to head over to Spotify, where they can save the playlist to their account to listen to whenever they want to. This provides a sense of interaction to the UX, allowing users to save aspects of the website for personal further use.

King of Soul Beautiful About Page

To learn about who designed the website and why, users can click on the info button made available at the very top of the screen. Here, visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the Otis Redding Foundation and how they can help improve the quality of their community through donations to the organization.

King of Soul is an honorable dedication to the great Otis Redding. Thanks to the website’s jazz-themed blue color scheme, storytelling effects, and eye-catching imagery, this lovable artist will never be forgotten.

King of Soul is a beautiful website design in the Arts & Recreation industry.